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Located at the south eastern edge of the continent of Northrend, the Howling Fjord is infamous for being the location where Arthas's expedition first set shore at. The expedition ended up costing Arthas his very soul. Following in Arthas' footstep, the Fjord is one of the two starting zones in Northrend, along with the Borean Tundra.

The land of the Fjord is made mostly of rocks near the Daggercap Bay, but smooths out in a thick forest to the north, before giving way to plains where only the hardiest of vegetation will grow. They are many indigenous inhabitant here, the Fjord being one of the most hospitable environment on the frozen continent. Frost wolves, Drakkari ice trolls, Nerubians, Murlocs of the White Shark Tribe, Wendigo, the Vrykul, and Iron Dwarves can all be found here.

Of some note is the fact that Dark Iron Dwarves found here do not seem related to the Dark Iron clan of Blackrock Mountain, implying that there may be more than one clan of evil dark skinned dwarves.

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The Fjord was given its name due to the howling sound the wind makes when it passes through Daggercap Bay. However, barring the sound, the zone is relatively pleasant. One could almost say civilized, due to the presence of Valgarde, a keep built by the survivors of Arthas' expedition. This one of the few zones where the Alliance held a strong presence and still do to this day. As such, the Trolls and Dark Iron Dwarves are kept under control.

While not as heavily forested as the Grizzly Hills, the temperature here is much milder and the wide plains allow for crop growing and, thanks to the presence of Valgarde, brave farmers have been able to start settling this wild land.

Horde and Alliance

Valgarde is the center of interaction for the Alliance. The port here has boat running to the Borean Tundra and Menethil Harbor.

The Horde use Vengeance Landing and can fly here from the Zeppelin at the Undercity or Orgrimmar.

Quest Hubs

Major Population

  • Drakkari - While largely confined to the Grizzly Hills, the Trolls can still often be found here, attempting to raid settlements.
  • Murlocs - Murlocs of the White Shark Tribe call the shores of the Fjord their home and are extremely territorial.
  • The Vrykul - An ancient race of half-giant that seek to impress the Lich King by slaughtering the Horde and the Alliance. They stage their assaults from Utgarde Keep
  • Iron Dwarves - First discovered by the human expedition of Arthas, those Dark Iron seem to have no relation to the Dark Iron of Azeroth, but they are equally as vicious.


The greater part of the Fjord is a bay, so it is mostly surrounded by water. However far to the west, you can reach the Borean Tundra and if you walk long enough through the northern woods you will eventually end up in the Grizzly Hills.

Utgarde Keep is the instance hub here, and includes a level 70-71 5-man dungeon as well as a level 80 5-man dungeon, the Halls of Lightning.

Points of Interest

Ancient Lift Apothecary Camp Baelgun's Excavation Site Baleheim Bleeding Vale
Caldemere Lake Camp Winterhoof Chill Glade Chillmere Coast Daggercap Bay
Derelict Strand Ember Clutch Ember Spear Tower Excavation Lift Explorers' League Outpost
Fort Wildevar Frostblade Peak The Frozen Glade Frozen Sea Garvan's Reef
Ghostblade Post Giants' Run Gjalerbron Gjalerhorn Halgrind
Iskaal Isle of Spears Ivald's Ruin Kamagua The Laughing Strand
Lake Cauldros Midwall Lift New Agamand Nifflevar North Spear Tower
Rivenwood Scalawag Point Shattered Straits Shield Hill Skorn
Sorlof's Strand Steel Gate Thorvald's Camp Twisted Glade Utgarde Catacombs
Utgarde Keep Valgarde Valgarde Port Vengeance Landing Vengeance Lift
The Vibrant Glade The Waking Halls West Spear Tower Westguard Keep Westwind Lift
Whisper Gulch Winter's Terrace Wyrmskull Village

Wrath of the Lich King

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