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Allakhazam gratefully acknowledges WoWWiki for some or all of the content on the following pages. WoWWiki is published under the GFDL, as are we.

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World of Warcraft

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Agamaggan (WoW)
arena (WoW)
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Haste (WoW)
Herbalism Ingredients (WoW)
Midsummer Fire Festival (WoW)
Mounts (WoW)
ninja (WoW)
People (WoW)
Proficiency (WoW)
Rogue Talent Builds (WoW)
spell coefficient (WoW)
Stromgarde (WoW)
The Crossroads (WoW)
the four horsemen (wow)
The Scourge
The Tribunal of Ages (WoW)
Titan (WoW)
Yogg-Saron (WoW)