Crystalweb Cavern (WoW)  

Crystalweb Cavern is home to a fairly large colony of frost spiders found to the northeast of K3. Buried deep in the Snowblind Hills of the Storm Peaks, it can be found at 40.4, 78.5.

In addition to the spider who inhabit this cave system are also a small tribe of frost kobolds who have a rather unique living arrangement with the arachnids. While the spiders do on occasion grab and eat their neighbors, for the most part they tend to avoid each other until hunger necessitates contact.

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Sitting outside and just to the southeast of the cavern entrance is the goblin Tore Rumblewrench, who has a mission or two for adventurers. Also, hiding inside and barely alive, is an Injured Goblin Miner who will give players the quest chain Only Partly Forgotten[1]


  1. ^ To do this particular quest, players will need to travel to the deepest regions of the cave system to locate and kill an Icetip Crawler. Once this foul arachnid has been put down, cut out a poison gland and bring it back.

Wrath of the Lich King

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