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This is a 5-man Expert rift event, opened by use of a Lure: Explosive Tendencies. In this rift the Ascended face off against some of the elite of the Gedlo and Gelgen.



  • Kill Gedlo Clanker
  • Kill Gedlo Flamemaker
  • Kill Galgen Pack Herder
  • Timer: none

The Gedlo Clanker and the Gedlo Flamemaker will typically pull together. The group should single target down the Flamemaker and then work on the clunker. The Galgen Pack Herder has 62k health and can be pulled alone if the group is careful. Neither pull is complicated and should offer very little challenge to the group.



  • Kill Galgen Pack Herder
  • Kill three Gedlo Clankers
  • Kill three Gedlo Flamemakers
  • Kill two Gedlo Switchers
  • Timer: none

This phase is very similar to the first phase except there are a lot more monsters to fight and kill. Have the tank take care when pulling to minimize the amount of monsters you must fight at once. Each pull should consist of 2-4 of the Gedlo's and attempt to keep no more than one switcher or pack herder per pull as these monsters have the highest health and deal the most damage.

Careful pulling will insure victory during this phase.



  • Kill Murganis
  • Timer: 3:30

Even though the timer starts out at 3:30 Murganis will not aggro until 3:15 is left. Periodically during this fight Murganis will emote "Murganis turns his gaze upon...". Shortly after this emote he will charge this person, dealing damage to them and anyone standing near them. Healers should be ready for this mechanic. After the charge he will return to the tank. He also has an ability called searing cleave which can do a fair amount of damage to any non tank who happens to be standing in front of him when it is cast.

Murganis has 207k health so he might take a while to bring down.



  • Kill three Gelgen Berserkers
  • Kill three Gelgen Howlers
  • Timer: 4:00

This phase can be broken up into three separate pulls each with a mixture of Gelgen Berserker and Gelgen Howler. Avoid aggro'ing more than two of these guys at once and this phase will progress quickly and smoothly, much like phase two. Have the tank make sure and face the monsters away from the group to avoid unnecessary cleave damage. The Berserkers have a knockback ability that they will use frequently on the tank. Be every aware of your surroundings to avoid grabbing additional mobs because of this.



  • Kill Raexanis
  • Timer: none

Raexanis can be a difficult encounter if your heals are under geared or you have too many melee. He has two abilities that cause the most trouble. The first is called heat wave and when he casts it everyone within ten yards of him will be knocked back a couple yards and take some damage. Each cast can knock a player back up to three times depending on their distance from Raexanis.

The other dangerous aspect of this encounter is that he will apply a poison debuff to a random player in the group. This debuff will do significant damage and can potentially kill a player outright if they receive no heals. The healer of the group need to prepare for these sources of damage to make this fight easy.

Raexanis has 207k health and, just like Murganis, might take a while to kill.


This is simply known loot, it is not a full list of everything that can drop from this encounter.

Explosive Tendencies Loot
Blastie Hauberk
Corrupted Soul
Flame Robes
Gelgen Chestplate
Gelgen Gavel
Raexanis' Doublet
Twitcher Sash
Expanding Heat
Explosive Action
Explosive Rebuff
Gelgen Charm
Gelgen Choker
Thermal Volatility
Volatile Ambition

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