Guardians (Rift Faction)  

Guardians are the chosen of Telara's gods, the Vigil. When the tyrant Aedraxis called forth the power of the Plane of Death and devastated Telara, the Vigil chose the most powerful souls taken by the Shade to be the archons of the next age. A golden age awaits, but Telara must first be saved — by deed, by example, or by the sword. Its people must be redeemed, its corruptors cleansed. Only then will the Guardians be imbued with the divine and ascend to a higher level.

The Vigil chose the Guardians from the three races of Telara who most put their faith in the gods, including the fearless Mathosians and the wise High Elves. Though each race is beloved of the gods, each seeks redemption for the sins of their leaders: Aedraxis Mathos unleashed the Shade, and Prince Hylas broke the Elves' ancient covenant with the gods. Thus, the Guardians represent both the hopes of the world and of their fallen peoples.

Within their holy city of Sanctum, the Guardians stand as bold sentinels against the dragons and their cults. Their crusades assault the undead armies of Regulos, their inquisitions purge the secretive cults of Akylios, and their agents search for sinister signs as far away as the deserts of Shimmersand. The Vigil does not dictate a single path to salvation, so the Guardians seek their own place in the holy litany by ending the corruption of the dragons and the blasphemy of the Defiants.

The Guardians are driven forward by the memory of Telara's countless fallen innocents, who cried out for salvation as the world was shattered, only to be consumed by the Destroyer. This, the Vigil reminds them, is what the Guardians must strive against, lest millions more meet the torment of oblivion in Regulos's jaws. Only the light of the Guardians stands before such all-consuming darkness.

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