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Howling Fjord is one of the two "starter zones" for Northrend. This zone contains a wide variety of questing hubs and an instance hub known as Utgarde Keep.

Howling Fjord will be a second stop for most Alliance players as the most obvious way of getting to Northrend will be by taking a boat from Stormwind directly to Borean Tundra. But if you want to take a trip to Howling Fjord first you just need to take the boat from Menethil Harbor which will take you to Valgarde, the Alliance Outpost there.

If you are looking for Horde information, you can head over to Wordaen's Horde Guide to Howling Fjord, 68-72 which cover the Howling Fjord for Horde players.

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  • Pick up Hell Has Frozen Over... on the docks and turn it into Vice Admiral Keller.
  • Accept If Valgarde Falls... from Vice Admiral Keller
  • Pick up the Flight Path and then head to the Inn, train any professions to Grand Master if you want.
  • If you have Cooking high enough pick up the Northern Cooking quest in the inn. You'll complete this one while you level
    • Go Slightly north now and kill Dragonflayer Invader x12 as they come towards the town.
    • Turn in If Valgarde Falls... and accept Rescuing the Rescuers.
      • Now go slightly north of where you did the last quest across the tiny river and click on the sparkly harpoons to rescue the rescuers.
      • Go back and turn that quest in, a bunch of quests should have unlocked nearby.
      • Go around and pick up Prisoners of Wyrmskull, Into the World of Spirits, The Human League, The Path to Payback
        • Go even further north than last time and start killing Dragonflayers for their keys and release 3 prisoners from their cages.
        • Now let's take a quick dive into the lake east of Wyrmskull Village and pick up the reagent pouch, while you're down here pick up Daggercap Divin' and pick up Valgarde Supply Crate x10 and turn it in.
        • Now let's take a quick stop first house on the right and turn in The Human League and pick up Zedd's Probably Dead
        • Head over to the bridge on the other side of the village and you'll find Zedd hanging from a hook, turn the quest in and pick up the next one.
        • Now take a quick u-turn and head to 56, 56 and pick up the quest Fresh Legs
        • Lets run to the northeast corner of the village and turn in Fresh Legs to get the quest Into Utgarde! (Only accept this if you plan on running Utgarde Keep) You can also pick up Disarmament if you want to run the instance also.



Explorer's League Outpost

Explorer's League Outpost
      • Head back to the Explorer's League Outpost and turn the quest into Walt.
    • Pick up We Can Rebuild It and We Have the Technology.
      • First let's pick up the Large Barrel, head to Nifflevar and you'll find barrels throughout the village.
      • Next go to Balehiem at 63 39 you should find the Industrial Strength Rope.
      • Don't leave, keep killing mobs until a Steel Ribbing drops.
      • Time to make a quick trip to Valgarde, speak with McGoyver and get the Dark Iron Ingots from him and ask for a ride back to the Outpost.
      • Head North and start killing shoveltusks until a Pristine Shoveltusk Hide drops.
    • Now turn in both quests and pick up Iron Rune Constructs and You: Rocket Jumping
      • Right click on the empty bench and get into the golem suit. Click on the first ability to launch yourself into the air and when you land dismiss the vehicle and turn the quest in.
      • Pick up the next quest, get back in the suit again. Walk over to the wagon with crystals and use the first ability. Once done dismiss and turn it in.
      • Pick up Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff, walk over to the rug and use first ability on Lebronski to complete the quest, dismiss and turn it in.
    • Grab Lightning Infused Relics and The Delicate Sound of Thunder from Walt now.
      • Start heading down to the Excavation Site by using the rocket launching pads and go towards the cave at 73, 70 and goto the back to listen to the Titans to complete that quest.
      • Now continue running around gathering data from the crystals.
      • Once done, head back to Explorer's League Outpost.
  • Yay! We're done here too!

Kamagua & Scalawag Point


Westguard Keep & Steel Gate

Westguard Keep

Fort Wildervar

Fort Wildervar
  • If you haven't finished Preying Upon the Weak and Down to the Wire go around and finish them up.
  • Go back to Fort Wildervar and turn them in. Pick up We Call Him Steelfeather.
    • Head over to the mines from earlier and look at the sky for Steelfeather target her and use your Feathered Charm to learn her secret.
    • Go back and turn it in.
  • Head to 66, 23 and head east. Kill Stonecallers and Binders and collect the chapters from the corpses. Then combine 3 of them to form The Book of Runes.
  • Jump back into Caldemere Lake and goto the sunken boat at 64, 19.
    • Use the Fresh Barbfish Bait to get Frostfin to spawn, kill him and go back to Wildervar to turn in the quests.
    • If you've followed this guide so far you should have just gotten the achievement "I've Toured the Fjord".
  • Pick up Mastering the Runes.
  • Get the follow up of The Rune of Command.
    • Go back to Giant's Run again and find a yellow stone giant and use Rune of Command
    • Head to 72, 25 and kill Binder Murdis.
    • Head back and turn it in.
  • Congratulations! You are now done with Howling Fjord.

Where next?

Now to decide where to go next, if this is your first zone in my opinion you should do Borean Tundra (You can use Borean Tundra Quest Guide). Or you can head to Dragonblight or even Grizzly Hills.

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