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The three paths of specialization that Mages can pursue are Arcane, Fire and Frost.

Arcane is more of an utility and support tree. While it does deal with damage, it mostly bolster the Mage's mana generation and abilities. Arcane is the also the path with the most non-damage dealing abilities.

Fire is a heavy destruction path, dealing on ability with powerful front load damage as well as long lasting burning effect.

Frost is about survivability. While Frost mage can still dish out punishment, they are mostly known for being incredibly resilient and hard to corner.

Only the first rank of each spell is listed here.

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The following abilities are all damage dealing abilities or damage enablers that deal Frost Damage.

  • Frostbolt (level 2) - A bolt of frost that slows down and damage the target.
  • Frost Nova (level 10) - Blast enemies around you and freezes them into place for 8 seconds.
  • Icy Veins (Frost, level 20) - Hastens your spellcasting, increasing spell casting speed by 20% and gives you 100% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting.
  • Blizzard (level 20) - Call downs shards of ice on an area, damaging all enemies within.
  • Cone of Cold (level 26) - Blast enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing damage to them and greatly slowing their movement.
  • Summon Water Elemental (Frost, level 50) - Summon a water elemental that will fight for you for 45 seconds. The water elemental can cast Water Bolt for damage, and Freeze, which behaves like a ranged frost nova.
  • Ice Lance (level 66) - Throws a lance of ice at the target; it does triple damage against frozen enemies.


The following abilities are all damage dealing abilities or damage enablers that deal Fire Damage.

  • Fireball (level 1) - A bolt of fire that deals instant damage and then puts on a small fire DoT on the target.
  • Fire Blast (level 6) - A short range, instant cast blast of fire.
  • Flamestrike (level 16) - Makes fire strikes out of the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within the area. Enemies that remain within the area will take fire damage for a few more seconds.
  • Pyroblast (Fire, level 20) - A long cast, extremely powerful fire attack with a devastating fire DoT. This is a super fireball.
  • Scorch (level 22) - A quick cast fire spell that deals moderate damage.
  • Blast Wave (Fire, level 30) - Blast enemies around with fire, slowing them down for a short period of time.
  • Combustion (Fire, level 40) - Increase your chance to score a critical hit by 10% everytime you cast a fire spell. The effect stuff after you score 3 critical hits.
  • Dragon's Breath (Fire, level 50) - Cast a cone of fire in front of the mage, dealing damage and disorienting the enemies.


The following abilities are all enemy affecting abilities or damage enablers, those who deals damage deal Arcane Damage.

  • Arcane Missiles (level 8) - Channeled ability that launches arcane missiles at an enemy. Deals more damage the longer it is kept up.
  • Polymorph (level 8) - Turns an enemy into a sheep and forces them to wander around aimlessly. While wandering, the sheep cannot attack or cast spells but will regenerate very quickly. Any damage will transform the target back into its normal form. Only one target can be polymorphed at a time. Only works on Beasts, Humanoids and Critters. The ability to polymorph into a pig and a turtle instead of a sheep are also in the game.
  • Arcane Explosion (level 14) - Cause an explosion of arcane energy around the caster, dealing damage to all enemies nearby.
  • Counterspell (level 24) - Counter a spell being cast and prevent any spell from the school from being cast for a short while.
  • Presence of Mind (Arcane, level 30) - Makes your next spell instant cast.
  • Arcane Power (Arcane, level 40) - Increase the damage and mana cost of all your spell by 20%.
  • Slow (Arcane, level 50) - Reduces target's movement speed by 50%, increases the time between ranged attacks by 50% and increases casting time by 50%. Lasts 15 seconds. Slow can only affect one target at a time.
  • Arcane Blast (level 64) - A powerful arcane blast that become faster to cast but more mana intensive the more you cast it.
  • Spell Steal (level 70) - Steal a spell buff from an enemy target and give it to the mage.


Those spells focus on keeping the Mage and his allies alive.

  • Dampen Magic (level 12) - A buff that lowers magic damage and magical healing on the target.
  • Slow Fall (level 12) - A spell that slows down the mage's fall speed, allowing him to land unhurt.
  • Amplify Magic (level 18) - A buff that increase magic damage and magical healing on the target.
  • Fire Ward (level 20) - Absorbs fire damage for 30 seconds.
  • Mana Shield (level 20) - Damage is dealt to your mana instead of your health while the shield is up.
  • Blink (level 20) - Instant teleport 20 yards ahead, this can be used while stunned.
  • Frost Ward (level 22) - Absorbs frost damage for 30 seconds.
  • Ice Block (level 30) - Encases the mage in a block of ice, making him unable to act, but invulnerable to practically everything for a few seconds.
  • Ice Barrier (Frost, level 40) - Rise an ice barrier around the mage, absorbing damage and preventing melee pushback on casting while it is up.


Armor spells are self buff that last for 30 minutes. While they do bolster the mage's survability, most of them also provide an extra offensive benefit. You can only have 1 armor spell up at a time.

  • Frost Armor (level 10) - Increase armor, chances to lower attack and movement speed of melee attackers.
  • Ice Armor (level 30) - Increase armor, increase Frost Resistance chances to lower attack and movement speed of melee attackers. This spell replaces Frost Armor once acquired.
  • Mage Armor (level 34) - Increase Resistance to all school of magic and allows for mana regeneration while casting.
  • Molten Armor (level 62) - Cause fire damage when struck, increase critical strike rating with spells by 3%.


Those spells allows the mage to help himself and his allies with various effects and objects.

  • Arcane Intellect (level 1) - Increase target's Intellect. Last 30 minutes.
  • Arcane Brilliance (level 56) - Increase party's Intellect. Last 60 minutes.
  • Conjure Food (level 6) - The conjure food line change names as it grows in potency, but the principle is always the same: create food that can be eaten to speed up health recovery. The food can be trade to others.
  • Conjure Water (level 4) - The conjure water line change names as it grows in potency, but the principle is always the same: create water that can be drank to speed up health recovery. The water can be trade to others.
  • Remove Lesser Curse (level 18) - Remove 1 curse debuff from the target.
  • Conjure Mana (gem) (level 28) - The conjure mana gem line change names as it grows in potency, but the principle is always the same: create a mana gem that can be consumed by the mage to regain mana.
  • Ritual of Refreshment (level 70) - Creates a table of refreshment on the ground (with the assistance of two helpers) that provides 20 stacks of Mana Biscuits.

Teleport And Portal

The Teleport and Portal line are spells that allow the mage (for teleports) and his party members (for portals) to travel immediately to one of the capital cities in the world, (or more recently, to Theramore or Stonard.)

Do note that those spells are faction specific:

Alliance can travel to City of Ironforge, Stormwind City, The Exodar, Darnassus and Theramore.

Horde can travel to Orgrimmar, The Undercity, Silvermoon City, Thunder Bluff and Stonard.

Both factions can travel to Shattrath City.

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