Orgrimmar Arena (WoW)  

The Orgrimmar Arena was introduced to the game with Wrath of the Lich King and much like the other new Arena zone, has a lot more going on than the older one.

The Arena is set in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar and is supposed to represent the empty arena in the north western hut, even thought it looks nothing like it.

This arena has several unique elements to it. For one thing, both team starts on an elevator that slow go up to ground level once the Arena game starts. Both elevator pad are very close to each other, forcing battles to start right away and be quite brutal. There is nowhere to break line of sight within the starting pen and you only have a few seconds to realize what kind of class configuration you are against. Fights in this arena are quite often short and brutal.

The Arena itself is circle shaped and has two other random hazard. There's a two track in the ground, crossing the entire arena, splitting the map into three 'zones'. Those tracks will light up with fire periodically, causing damage to any who stands there. At the 'edges' of the the arena, are also two pillars. Those pillars start the game totally submerged in the ground, but will rise up and go back down periodically. Creating a place to hide behind or something to get on to get away from melee attackers.

Like all Arenas, after 5 minutes, 2 Shadow Sight power ups will appear on the side of the arena. When a player touch the power up, he gets a debuff that greatly increase his stealth detection but also increase all damage taken by 5% for several seconds.

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