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This is a 5-man Expert rift event, opened by use of a Lure: Primal Evolution. It has five phases and two of them are timed. This rift is used in the Guardian epic questline for the quest: What They Became.



  • Defeat the 3 Faeguard Sentinels
  • Defeat the 3 Faeguard Menders
  • Timer: none

An early warning to any party doing this rift. When the rift spawns there will be a semi circle of vine cages. The enemies will all spawn near these cages and if the group is near them it is possible to aggro 5-6 mobs at once. This could spell defeat for many groups because the Menders cast heal spells and can greatly prolong any fights. Make sure that your group moves to the side of the rift opposite the cages to avoid this.

This phase is pretty straight forward but potentially the most difficult phase. The Faeguard Sentinel are not terribly tough by themselves but the Feyguard Mender can do a significant amount of healing and can cause fights to last quite a while. The group should move slowly and pull only the minimum amount of mobs out at a time, making sure to focus fire down any menders first. Each of these two mobs have 62k health so they will take a little work to bring down.



  • Defeat Dian Luachra
  • Timer: none

Dian Luachra is a treant with 159k health. This is a fairly tank and spank fight with a sort of enrage timer. Periodically through the fight Dian will summon a Fae Sprout. These should be picked up by the tank and otherwise ignored. If the party takes too long to kill Dian they will get overwhelmed by the Sprouts. Dian also has a cleave that can apply a bleeding DoT so make sure the tank keeps it faced away from the main group.



  • Defeat Dullan Vie
  • Timer: 3:00

Dullan Vie is a troll with 159k health. Much like the previous fight Dullan will summon adds. These Shaken Moss only have 11k health and do not hit very hard so the group can ignore or kill them at their leisure. One note though, these do not despawn at the end of the phase so the group should be prepared to kill them before moving into phase 4.



  • Defeat Bea Sidhe
  • Defeat Aein Sih
  • Timer: 2:00

Bea Sidhe and Aein Sih are two wild cats that each have 49k health. The tank will have the chore of holding aggro on both of these while they periodically rush random targets in the raid. The only other catch to this fight is the slightly tight timer of 2:00. However if you have made it this far it really shouldn't be too much of an issue.



  • Defeat Duke Ellisar
  • Timer: none

Duke Ellisar is a straight forward fight. The group has two options when dealing with him. He has 159k health like the other bosses but the catch is he will summon Spore Spirit. These spirits will channel a small heal into him. If there are only a couple spirits the heals are easily negated by the damage the group does to the Duke. However when more than four or five spirits are healing him it can become difficult to handle.

The group can either put all dps on the Duke and burn him as fast as they can before too many spirits spawn or they can take the safer route of having one dps focus on killing spirits the entire fight. The spirits only have 5.9k health and die very quickly.


This is simply known loot, it is not a full list of everything that can drop from this encounter.

Primal Evolution
Corrupted Soul
Evolved Gauntlets
Faeguard Belt
Primal Handwraps
Evolved Intellect
Fae Sprout Ring
Primal Instinct

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