Psichi's UI Customization Guide part 3  

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So you have researched, sketched, and just finished downloading all of the mods you will need to make your perfect UI. Now it is time to get them all installed and configured to your specifications.

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Building the UI

You are nearing the end! Take a deep breath, get your final UI sketch ready, and lets go.

Installing Mods

After downloading all of the mods you will need, you are going to have to install them all. This is a simple process, and is the same for both Macs and PCs. Instructions for installing mods can be found here.

Configuring the Layout

When configuring mods, it is best to work from Global to Local, that is, it is best to start with the mod that will have the greatest impact on layout and work toward the mod that will have the least amount of impact. For example, a unit frame mod will have a larger global impact than a mod that simply plays a sound when you get a crit. However, a mod likeAperture will have a larger impact than a unit frame mod.

Steps for configuring layout

  1. turn on Align
  2. Turn on mod with most impact
  3. enter game, configure that one mod
  4. exit, turn on next global mod
  5. repeat turning on and configuring one at a time, working from global to local

While this may seem tedious, configuring one item at a time is easier than having multiple boxes and frames appear all over your screen. As you become more familiar with specific mods, you will be able to streamline the configuration process.

The End!

Congratulations! You are done making a User Interface that is configured to your specific needs. Not only are you able to get everything you need out of the game, but you have learned how som basic design principles. Now, you do not have to settle with someone else's idea of a "good ui". Instead of having to ask for help on a forum to make a simple change, you will be able to do it yourself.

The next section highlights the wide range of UIs that have been made by following this guide. | Continue on to Part 4

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