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This is an Expert Rift Event, opened by use of a Lure: Revenge of the Icewatch. In this event the Ascended are charged with defending Hunter Frida Icefang of the Icewatch against hordes of elemental water invaders.

DRR quest is Kapora the Frostbane.



  • Offer Assistance to Hunter Frida Icefang
  • Timer: none

This phase simply consists of speaking with Frida and agreeing to help her against the water invaders.



  • Protect Hunter Frida Icefang
  • Kill 15 Frostwalker Dreadfangs
  • Timer: none

During this phase packs of two Frostwalker Dreadfang will spawn and attack Frida. The Dreadfangs only have 15k health and should not last very long. The group's tank should pick them up immediately so they do not harm Frida too much. The packs can spawn rather quickly so the tank should be constantly watching for more.

It should be noted that during all of this encounter Frida will aggro onto monsters and go off on her own occasionally. The group should pay close attention to this so she does not meet and early demise, causing the failure of the event.



  • Protect Hunter Frida Icefang
  • Kill 6 Frostwalker Diamondbacks
  • Timer: none

This phase is almost exactly like the first phase. The Frostwalker Diamondback will spawn one at a time and attempt to attack Frida. They have 35k health and should go down quickly. If your group is slow you may find yourself fighting two or three of these towards the end of the phase but even then it should not be too big of a problem.



  • Protect Hunter Frida Icefang
  • Defeat Icecrawler Lashtail
  • Defeat 2 Dark Water
  • Timer: 3:05

The Icecrawler Lashtail has 159k health and is a straight forward tank and spank. Near 50% health he will emote "snarls loudly toward the rift". At that point two Dark Water will spawn, each with 23k health. Have the tank grab aggro on the Waters and have dps kill them immediately, then switch back to the Lashtail.



  • Protect Hunter Frida Icefang
  • Defeat 3 Hardshell Stormclaws
  • Defeat 12 Hardshell Crawlers
  • Timer: 3:30

During this phase packs with one Hardshell Stormclaw and four Hardshell Crawler will spawn. Have the tank gather all five mobs up and aoe them down. None of these mobs do very much damage or any difficult abilities, making this an easy phase.



  • Protect Hunter Frida Icefang
  • Kill Kapora
  • Timer: none

Kapora is a caster type mob with 159k health. He can do both a single target knock back and will often cast "Freezing Tide", an AoE knockback. This spell will also do a small amount of AoE damage. Healing should pay close attention to their positioning and the groups health. Aside from the knockbacks there is little else to worry about in this encounter and Kapora should die very quickly.


This is simply known loot, it is not a full list of everything that can drop from this encounter.

Primal Evolution
Corrupted Soul
Dark Water Staff
Icefang Hood
Icewatch Band
Icewatch Helmet
Frost Bite
Lashtail's Chill
Seaside Memento

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