Rift Mob:Omi  

Puzzle Master.

In The Canals, literally. In the water!

Initially, all of the items she sells are locked. To unlock each you need to complete a specific Collection. Then you need from 3 to 9 of a specific item to trade for the binder. We have no clue what this rewards but we are assuming the books are members of a Meta-Collection.

For example (from Devolved Recovery):

Once you have done this and the room is full of Devolved Squatters, every minute or so one of them will drop A Bar of Hairy Soap (he will say something about dropping the soap). Get to it quick, before it dissolves, to get A Bar of Hair Covered Soap. You need 9 of them to give to Omi for Circuit Diagrams, the rare binder for a collectible book. She will only trade you the binder IF you have also completed the collection, Circuit Diagrams.

Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

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