Rift Quest:Close-In Support  

Tempest Rising
World Event

10/18/12 to
Speak to Queen Miela on the Wreck of the Endeavor (west of Shoreward Isle) to begin this quest.

  • Use the Scattergun to kill 15 Storm Legion Marines (on the ground below either side of the boat, gun is on the lower deck)
  • Use the Bombard Cannon to kill 3 Storm Legion Vessels (reddish boats in the water; each time you target aim for a different part of the boat)
  • Use the Anti-Air Cannon to kill 2 floating Stormtowers.

When you use a console you go into first-person view and are given a temporary ability. Target the appropriate mob (or area) for the cannon-type and use your ability on it.

This quest rewards experience and coin. It can be completed daily during Tempest Rising. This will open up the repeatable quest Continuing Mission Support from Chief Gunner Valadaf.

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