Rift Quest:Continuing Mission Support  

Tempest Rising
World Event

10/18/12 to
Speak to Chief Gunner Valadaf on the Wreck of the Endeavor (west of Shoreward Isle) after completing Close-In Support to begin this quest.

  • Use the Scattergun 15 times on Storm Legion Marines (on the ground below either side of the boat, gun is in the lower deck)
  • Use the Bombard Cannon 3 times on Storm Legion Vessels (reddish boats out in the water, each time you target aim for a different part of the boat)
  • Use the Anti-Air Cannon 2 times on the floating Storm Towers
When you use a cannon console you end up going into first-person view and are given a temporary ability. Target the appropriate mob (or area) for the cannon-type and use your ability on it.

This quest rewards only coin. It can be repeated during Tempest Rising.

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