Rift Quest:Creepy Crawlies  

This quest name is used in two zones. The way our wiki works means that the exact same wiki page is attached to both quests.

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World Event
Ant Larvae
Ant Larvae
Speak to Nate Thornton on Lantern Plateau at (7460, 6219) to begin this quest. This quest is a subquest of The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 1.

Down in the earth where large crystals glow, the creepy crawlies march around, to and fro. Deep underground, hidden from overhead light, you will find what you seek, huddled near flame, squirming around without sight.

  • Seek out something that is underground, squirming, and near flame in the Droughtlands.
    • You are looking for the Queen's chamber in the ant warrens beneath the Mordant Knolls. Enter the warrens at (8211, 7316).
  • You will find Ant Larvae somewhere in Queen Maelign's chamber. Known locations:
    • Underneath Queen Maelign at (8266, 7206)
    • At (8245, 7184)

Reward: 25 Summerfest Merit Badge

Eastern Holdings

Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

You will get 1 Venom Sac from each spider. When you break an Egg Sac you get 4 non-aggressive Spawn of Aetleron. The spawn are very weak but they will run from you when attacked. If one gets far enough away he will vanish, so wait a sec and try to pick them up in ones and twos that you can burn down fast.

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