Rift Quest:Gorging on Gold  

World Event
Unexplored Seam
Unexplored Seam
Gold Sample Locations
Gold Sample Locations
Speak to Dolton Vraat within Granitedust Gulch at (4409, 3343) in Scarlet Gorge to begin this quest. It is a subquest of The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2.

  • Find 10 Gold Samples in Scarlet Gorge.
    • Find these inside Unexplored Seams. They look like rock with a gold and purple sparkle effect on them. Look inside caves and mines.
    • Known locations:
      • Frayworn Rock
      • Ironroot Draw
      • Riverfell
      • Thunderwork Ridge (4649,3888)

Reward: 25 Summerfest Merit Badge

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