Rift Quest:The Race Around Fortune's Shore  

Carnival of the Ascended
World Event

Patch 1.7
This quest is available during Phases 2, 3, and 4 during Carnival of the Ascended.

Speak to Charles at (6668, 6896) in Shimmersand to begin this quest during the Carnival of the Ascended.

You have 3.5 minutes to choose your mount and successfully complete the course.

The four stabled mounts to choose from are near Charles. Each one has an ability that allows it to sprint through the obstacles (red pulsing circles of light); the difference between these is the duration/reset time. Your timer begins as soon as you accept the quest so don't waste too much time choosing!

On your mount cross all eight checkpoints and speak to Charles just beyond the finish line to complete this quest. The reward is 4 Prize Tickets. This quest is repeatable.

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