Rift Zone:Whitefall Steppes  

Quick Facts

  • Level: 40+
  • Instance type: Warfront
  • Number of players: 20
  • Location: Iron Pine Peak

    • Maximum team size: 15
    • Minimum player level: 30
    • Victory condition: Capture 3 sourcestone, OR the most enemy sourcestone within 20 minutes

Lion of Kaleida recommends their Flag Runner Rogue build for this zone.

Lion's Defense

This strategy is simple to execute, and provides a safe approach to developing advantage in the warfront. This strategy is ideal for pick up groups not using voice chat software to coordinate and execute plans as it is easier to function as a group in a stationary position as oppose to maintaining group integrity while moving. The raid members designate a flag runner who uses a build specifically designed for optimal survival and speed. This player infiltrates the enemy base and retrieves their flag while the rest of the raid defends the flag at their respective base.

The designated flag runner will conduct the following course of action:

  1. Buff, mount, and travel south along the Ingress Route
  2. Dismount at Rally Point 1 and move to Rally Point 2
  3. Capture Enemy Flag and travel north along the Egress Route

  • Place an Adhesive Bomb at the designated locations and interact with Enemy Speed Orb and Center Speed Orb
  • Rift Prison and Root enemies as they approach, avoid stalling
  • Travel to and use Healing Orb if necessary

The entire rest of the raid will remain within the Defensive Proximity, functioning together to keep the proximity secure from enemy threats

  • Continuously use Offensive Orb and Speed Orb inside base as they appear
  • Disallow any enemy from interacting with the flag inside the Defensive Perimeter

Lion's Gambit

A variation of this strategy involves a designated decoy traveling along the Ingress Route with the designated flag runner. Both the decoy and flag runner will meet at Rally Point 1. The decoy then travels to the enemy flag as the flag runner moves to Rally Point 2. The decoy draws attention away from the Enemy Flag and the flag runner captures the Enemy Flag and escapes along the egress route.

ZAM would like to thank Lion of Kaleida for the original strategy in this guide.

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