Rogue abilities (WoW)  

The three areas of focus for Rogues are Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety.

Assassination focuses on energy and combo point management as well as poison usage.

Combat is a no-nonsense in your face approach to battle, focusing on increasing your sustained damage over trickery.

Subtlety abilities represent the ability of rogues to stealth, play dirty tricks and cheat.

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Stealth Moves

These abilities requires the rogue to be in stealth mode.

  • Ambush - Deals 275% weapon damage + X. Must be stealthed and behind the target. Awards 1 combo point. Damage is mitigated by armor so best used on targets with a lower armor value eg. casters. Can be improved with combat talents.
  • Cheap Shot - Stuns the target for 4 seconds. Must be stealthed. Awards 2 combo points.
  • Garrote - Garotte the target, afflicting them with 18 seconds physical DoT and silencing them at higher level. Must be stealthed and behind target. Awards 1 combo point. Is not affected by armor so is a good opening move on high armor targets.
  • Pickpocket - Pick the target's pocket, giving you a random chance at some silver and gray loot. Doesn't work on players.
  • Sap - Disorients the target for 45 seconds (12 in pvp). Only work on humanoid that aren't in combat.


These abilities requires the rogue to be in melee range of his target, for the most part, they awards combo points and are you main damage dealers.

  • Backstab - Cause 174% Weapon damage + X. Must be behind target. Awards 1 combo point. Requires daggers. Main attack used by dagger specced rogues.
  • Feint - Cause no damage, but lowers your threat.
  • Ghostly Strike - Deals 125% weapon damage and grants you +15% dodge for 7 seconds. Awards 1 combo point.
  • Gouge - Deals X damage and incapacitates the target for Y seconds. Target must be facing you. Awards 1 combo point.
  • Kick - Deals X damage, interrupt spell casting and locks the magical school being used for 5 seconds.
  • Mutilate - Deals both weapon damage +X. +50% damage on poisoned target. Must be behind the target. Awards 2 combo points.
  • Riposte - Deals 150% weapon damage and disarms the target for 6 seconds. Requires a parry.
  • Sinister Strike - Deals weapon damage + X. Awards a combo point.
  • Shiv - Deals off-hand damage and applies the poison from your weapon to the target. Awards a combo point.
  • Hemorrhage - Deals 125% weapon damage and adds a debuff that increase damage. Awards a combo point.


Finishers requires combo points, from 1 to 5, and have various effects. With the exception of Slice and Dice and Deadly Throw, they all requires you to be within melee range of the target.

  • Deadly Throw - Does damage based on the amount of combo points, and snares the target for 6 seconds. Ranged finisher that requires a throwing weapon. Very useful in controlling fleeing enemies in PvP or PvE.
  • Envenom - Deals poison damage to your target, consuming 1 deadly poison charge per combo point. Damage caused depends on combo points on the target. Can be improved by the Vile Poisons talent in Assasination.
  • Eviscerate - Deals damage damage based on the amount of combo points saved up on the target.
  • Expose Armor - Reduce target's Armor for 30 seconds. Armor taken way is based the amount of combo points saved up on the target.
  • Rupture - Afflict the target with a physical DoT. Duration and damage is based on the amount of combo points saved up on the target.
  • Kidney Shot - Stuns target for 2-6 second, depending the amount of combo points saved up on the target.
  • Slice and Dice - Increase attack speed by 30%, duration is dependent on the amount of combo points saved up on the target. Is considered critical on high end content. Can be improved with Combat talents as well as Tier four set bonus.


These abilities include any and all action that strengthen the rogue's fighting abilities by putting a buff on him.

  • Adrenaline Rush - Increases your energy generation rate by 100% for 15 seconds.
  • Blade Flurry - Increase attack speed by 20% and strikes a 2nd nearby target for 15 seconds.
  • Cloak of Shadows - Remove all magical effects and increase your resistance to magic by 90% for 4 seconds.
  • Cold Blood - Increase your next ability's crit chance by 100%.
  • Evasion - Increase dodge rate by 50% for 15 seconds.
  • Premeditation - Awards 2 combo points on the target that must be used within 10 seconds or will fade away. Requires stealth.
  • Preparation - Reset the cooldown of Cold Blood, Vanish, Sprint, Evasion, Shadowstep and Premeditation
  • Shadowstep - Attempts to move through the shadows to get behind your target. Increase speed by 70% for 3 seconds and grants a 20% damage increase and 50% threat decrease to your next attack.
  • Sprint - Increase run speed by 70% for 15 seconds.
  • Stealth - Puts you into stealth mode, opening different attack options and making you nigh invisible. Cannot be in combat.
  • Vanish - Returns you to stealth, even if in combat.


Poisons all share the same mechanism. They are created using a tradeskill interface and need components that are bought from a vendor or pickpocketing. They are then applied to a weapon and remain for 1 hour.

Poisons being weapon buffs, persist through death but do not stack with other weapon buffs (Sharpening Stones, Windfury Totems, etc). Poisons grant a % chance every time you hit with the weapon that a certain affect will occur. Since you have 2 weapons, you can use 2 poisons at the same time.

  • Crippling Poison - 30% chance to snare the target to 70% speed for 12 seconds.
  • Instant Poison - 20% chance to deal X extra nature damage to the target.
  • Deadly Poison - 30% chance to afflict the target with a 12 seconds nature damage DoT. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
  • Mind-numbing Poison - 20% chance of poisoning the enemy, increasing their casting time speed by 60% for 14 seconds.
  • Wound Poison - 30% chance to deal X nature damage and lower healing received by 10% for 15 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
  • Anesthetic Poison - 20% chance to deal X nature damage and cause no threat.


  • Blind - Blinds the target from up to 10 yards away, making them wander aimlessly for 10 seconds. Any damage taken will break the effect.
  • Detect Traps - Passive ability that makes it easier to detect traps.
  • Disarm Trap - Allows to disarm a traps.
  • Distract - Throws a distraction, attracting the attention of all nearby monsters for 10 seconds.
  • Safe Fall - Passive ability that increase safe falling distance.

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