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Like all other classes, Shaman abilities are broken down into 3 spheres: Restoration, Elemental Combat and Enhancement. The Restoration sphere centers around healing and cleansing. The Elemental Combat sphere centers around casting abilities. The Enhancement sphere centers around melee abilities and buffs. These spheres are important, but what really sets the Shaman apart from other classes are the use of totems. Each previously mention sphere contains totemic abilities related to itself but the totems are really broken down by the element used to case them.

A Shaman can lay down one totem for each element they have mastered: Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. The elements are mastered via quests that the shaman must complete. Earth is received after a level 4 quest, Fire after a level 10 quest, water after a level 20 quest and Wind after a level 30 quest. When these quests are completed, the Shaman will receive a totem of that element. That totem must be present in the bags of the Shaman if they wish to put down totems that use that element. In other words, when you receive the Earth Totem, the Earth Totem must be in your bags if you want to cast a Stoneclaw Totem. So do not leave them in the bank or destroy them.

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Note that Rank 1 of all spells and totems is listed below.

Totems By Element


Earth Totems
Totem Level Description
Stoneskin Totem (Level 4) The first available totem, this totem will protect the shaman and party members from melee attacks. It won't fully block them but will reduce the incoming damage. Lasts 2 minutes.
Earthbind Totem (Level 6) This totem can be useful for mobs that run when low on health, it slows the movement speed of mobs within 10 yards of the totem. Lasts 45 seconds.
Stoneclaw Totem (Level 8) Taunts enemies within 8 yards causing them to attack the totem. Mobs attacking the totem have a chance to be stunned for 3 seconds. This totem has more health than other shaman totems so that it can withstand the attacks for a little longer. Note that the taunt isn't a very heavy duty one so if you've attacked the mob first and then put down the totem, chances are the mobs is still going to attack you. It's useful when you pull adds (intentionally or not). Lasts 15 seconds. This will not work in PvP on players but it can briefly distract pets/minions.
Strength of Earth Totem (Level 10) Increases the strength of party members within 20 yards. Lasts 2 minutes.
Tremor Totem (Level 18) Removes Fear, Charm and Sleep effects from players within 20 yards. This isn't a straight protection from or removal of those effects, however. The totem sends out pulses and the pulse is what removes the effects. It is possible for a player to get feared out of range of the totem before the pulse removes the effect so it's not completely reliable.
Earth Elemental Totem (Level 66) Summons an earth elemental to protect the shaman and party members for 2 minutes or until killed. Note that the elemental is uncontrolled. It's got a fair amount of health but doesn't do a great deal of damage.


Fire Totems
Totem Level Description
Searing Totem (Level 10) This totem will attack enemies within 20 yards with fireballs. It's a little like have a really stupid imp around. Note that you cannot control which target the totem will attack if several are close to it. Also, while this totem can lend some nice extra damage, you'll want to be careful when you place it as it will sometimes pull additional nearby mobs when you're not ready for it to do so. Lasts 30 seconds.
Fire Nova Totem (Level 12) This totem lasts 5 seconds, if it is not destroyed within 4 seconds it explodes and damages all enemies within 10 yards with fire damage.
Frost Resistance Totem (Level 24) Provides additional frost resistance to all party members within 20 yards for 2 minutes. Note that this does NOT stack with paladin resistance auras.
Magma Totem (Level 26) Totem pulses steaming hot magma at all enemies within 8 yards every 2 seconds causing fire damage. Lasts 20 seconds.
Flametongue Totem (Level 38) Enchants the main hand weapons of all party members with a weaker version of the shaman's personal Flametongue Weapon enchant. Note that it will not overwrite the shaman's own weapon enchant. In other words, you can't have the effects of 2 enchants on your weapon (the one you applied and the one from the totem). Lasts 2 minutes.
Totem of Wrath (Level 50) Increases all party members' (within 20 yards) chance to hit and critically hit with spells.
Fire Elemental Totem (Level 68) Summons a fire elemental for 2 minutes. This elemental has less health but causes far more damage than the earth elemental totem.


Water Totems
Totem Level Description
Healing Stream Totem (Level 20) Heals nearby party members for a small amount every 2 seconds. This totem won't obviate the need for a healer around but it can help to slowly top people off who are taking incedental damage. Lasts 2 minutes.
Poison Cleansing Totem (Level 22) Removes 1 poison effect from nearby party members every 5 seconds. A situational totem, but it can be very handy during encounters where multiple party members are repeatedly getting poisons applied to them. The cost of the totem can save you mana on cleanses (a single cleanse costs 7% of your mana, a 2 minute totem to cleanse all party members evry 5 seconds costs 8%.) You just need to balance whether the mana savings on clases are worth not having a different water totem down. Lasts 2 minutes.
Mana Spring Totem (Level 26) Restores a small amount of mana every 2 seconds to all nearby party members. Like Healing Stream, it's not likely to remove the need for MP5 gear but it can be nice to have to help a party replenish mana in between fights and can give a little boost to existing MP5 during long ones. Lasts 2 minutes.
Fire Resistance Totem (Level 28) Increases the fire resistance of all nearby party members by 30. Lasts 2 minutes. Note that this does NOT stack with paladin resistance auras.
Disease Cleansing Totem (Level 38) Removes 1 disease effect from all nearby party members every 5 seconds. Like the poison cleansing totem, this one is obviously situational, but in encounters where party members are getting, well, diesased it may be worth the cost of the totem.
Mana Tide Totem (Level 40) This totem can only be achieved through talents in the Restoration tree. It summons a totem that returns 6% of total mana to all party members every 3 seconds. Lasts 12 seconds. This is much more useful as a mana return than the mana spring totem. Additionally, not only will it help the healing shaman as well as any caster DPS, it can also help paladin tanks not become mana starved during long encounters. (paladin tanks love Shaman healers for many reasons, this is one of them)


Wind Totems
Totem Level Description
Nature Resistance Totem (Level 30) Increases all nearby party members' nature resistance by 30. Lasts 2 minutes. Note that this does NOT stack with the hunter nature resistance aura.
Grounding Totem (Level 30) Redirects one harmful spell cast on a nearby party member to the totem (the totem is destroyed in the process). This totem can make certain encounters nearly trivial. The Maiden fight in Karazhan is one of these - a shaman keeping the grounding totem up will completely eat all of Maiden's Holy Fires (a DoT spell that can easily kill players with low stamina if it isn't cleansed quickly enough).
Windfury Totem (Level 32) Enchants the main hand weapons of all nearby party members with wind giving them a 20% chance to gain an additional attack that also gets a boost to attack power. This functions much like the shamans own Windfury Weapon. If your group is heavy with melee DPS, this is the totem to use. Warrior tanks quite like it as well.
Sentry Totem (Level 34) This totem has slightly higher health than other totems and will warn when enemies attack it. Additionally the Shaman can view the area "through the totem's eyes" so to speak, giving the shaman the ability to see what's going on around the totem. This can be very usefulk in PvP situations to be aware when people are approaching a specific/strategic area.
Windwall Totem (Level 36) Much like the stoneskin totem reduces damage from melee attacks, the windwall totem will reduce incoming damage from ranged attacks.
Grace of Air totem (Level 42) Grants all nearby party members a boost to their agility. Lasts 2 minutes.
Tranquil Air Totem (Level 50) Reduces threat generated by all nearby party members by 20%. Lasts 2 minutes. This totem can be very helpful in a group with a lot of ranged/caster DPS, however you really want to use caution on its placement. If you place it too close to the mobs (or the tank has to reposition the mobs into its radius) then you're severly gimping your tanks ability to, well, tank. Make sure this is well away from where the mob is being fought and near the ranged DPS.
Wrath of Air Totem (Level 64) Nearby party members have their spell damage and healing boosted by 101. This is another totem that paladin tanks love as most of their threat comes from holy spell damage. Additionally, if your group is caster DPS heavy, then this is a great totem to use.

Other Shaman Abilities


  • Lightning Bolt (Level 1) - Just what it sounds like, casts a lightning bolt at the target dealing nature damage.
  • Earth Shock (Level 4) - This is an instant cast spell that deal nature damage to the target. It will also interrupt spell-casting and prevent casts from that school of magic for 2 seconds. Unfortunately the cooldown is such that, even talented, you can't use it as quickly as you're probably going to like to in some cases.
  • Flame Shock (Level 10) - An instant cast spell that does some immediate fire damage to the target and also causes additional fire damage over 12 seconds. If you're going to use this shock, use it near the beginning of a fight to give the damage over time effect maximum time to tick.
  • Purge (Level 12) - This spell removes one beneficial magic effect from an enemy player. It cannot be used on allies. Note that this spell causes no damage to the target, it just removes a magical buff from them.
  • Frost Shock (Level 20) - Instant cast spell that does frost damage and slows the movement speed of the target by 50% for 8 seconds.
  • Chain Lightning (Level 32) - A Nature spell that causes damage to the target and then jumps to 2 additional targets. The spell does 30% lkkess damage to each target it jumps to.


  • Rockbiter Weapon (Level 2) - This is the first of several weapon "enchants" that shamans have access to. It can only be cast on the shaman's own weapon, but can be applied to both the main hand and off-hand (when dual wielding is available) weapons. Rockbiter increases the damage per second of the weapon its applied to.
  • Lightning Shield (Level 8) - Though it's called a shield, this spell doesn't reduce incoming damage. However, it will damage attackers (whether they attack with spells, ranged or melee attacks) when they hit the shaman. There are only 3 charges to the sheild, however, and each reflective damage uses up one of the charges. In some cases this shield may use more mana than it's worth, but it can be useful in others.
  • Flametongue Weapon (Level 10) - Another weapon enchant, this one causes additional fire damage for each successful swing of the weapon. The fire damage is increased on slower weapons.
  • Ghost Wolf (Level 20) - This is the druid travel form, it increases movement speed by 40% but is only usable outdoors. Also, the ghost wolf /dance is the best in the game.
  • Frostbrand Weapon (Level 20) - A weapon enchant that has a chance to cause additional frost damage to the target and a chance to slow their movement speed by 25% for 8 seconds.
  • Water Breathing (Level 22) - Allows the target to breathe underwater for 10 minutes. This spell requires a reagent Shiny Fish Scales which are readily available from Murlocs and Naga as well as other mobs.
  • Far Sight (Level 26) - Changes the viewpoint to the targeted location and can only be used outdoors. This ability can be usedto see what's going on around corners or over ridges or other places not easily viewable.
  • Water Walking (Level 28) - Allows the target to walk on water for 10 minutes. Damage caused to the target will cancel the effect. Note that this can also be used to walk across laval and other liquids. It can be very useful if you're running out to an island because your speed becomes your walking speed, not your swimming speed. Use caution with this, however, if you jump off a cliff into water with this active you will take fall damage.
  • Windfury Weapon (Level 30) - A wepaon enchant that gives each successful melee attack a 20% chance of dealing additional damage equal to 2 additional weapon swings with additional attack power.
  • Astral Recall (Level 30) - It's like having extra hearthstones! This allows you to teleport back to the inn you have set as your home. 15 minute cooldown.
  • Stormstrike (Level 40) - This is a talented ability in the Enhancement tree. It instantly attacks the target with both weapons (when dual wielding). In addition, the next two nature damage spells against the target over the next 12 seconds have their damage boosted by 20%.
  • Shamanistic Rage (Level 50) - This is a talented ability in the Enhancement tree. It reduces all incoming damage by 30% and also gives each successful melee attack the chance to return an amount of mana equal to 30% of the shaman's attack power.
  • Bloodlust/Heroism (Level 70) - Increases melee, ranged and spell-casting speed by 30% for all party members for 40 seconds. Bloodlust is the Horde version of the spell, Heroism is the Aliance version.


  • Healing Wave (Level 1) - Heals a friendly target.
  • Ancestral Spirit (Level 12) - This is the Shaman resurrection spell. It brings a player back to life with a fraction of their health and mana.
  • Cure Poison (Level 16) - Removes 1 poison effect from a friendly player.
  • Lesser Healing Wave (Level 20) - Heals a target for less than Healing Wave, but has half the cast time.
  • Cure Disease (Level 22) - Removes one disease effect from a friendly target.
  • Reincarnation (Level 30) - Allows the shaman to resurrect himself after being killed with 20% health and mana. It's a bit like soulstoning yourself. When you die you will get an option to release your spirit or, if you have the required reagent (Ankh) resurrecting yourself.
  • Totemic Call (Level 30) - Destroys all currently active totems and returns 25% of the combined mana cost of all totems destroyed back to the Shaman. This can be handy for the mana return but it can also be a nice way to prevent your totems from drawing unwanted aggro as you move on.
  • Chain Heal (Level 40) - Heals the inital target and then jumps to two additional friendly targets. Each jump reduces the effectivemess of the heal by 50%.
  • Earth Shield (Level 50) - This is a talented ability in the Restoration tree. The spell can be cast on the shaman or a party member. It protects the shielded player from spell interruption caused by damage and also heals the target when struck. The shield has 6 charges. This is an excellent spell to put on tanks because the healing aggro generated from the charges on Earth Shield gets applied to the tank and not the healer.
  • Water Shield (Level 62) - The caster is surrounded by 3 globes of water. These globes will increase the MP5 of the shaman by a set amount. When the shaman is struck in combat, one of the globes is used to return a larger amount of mana immediately to the shaman.

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