Starting Lich King (WoW)  

When you first log into the game after loading up Lich King, you are going to have to make several adjustments. This guide is to give you an idea what to expect so that you can prepare yourself.

1. Revamp Your Talents. Lich King completely revamps the talent tree, and at least in beta when you log into your character you will find that your talent build has been given a free wipe. Remember, just because you are level 70 does not stop you from getting to the level 80 talents. You just have to sacrifice 10 points from somewhere else. Plan your talent build ahead of time to save you time by using the calculator on wowhead at [1]

2. What Happened to My Mount? One of the first things you will notice is that your hot key for your mount no longer works. Don't panic. You still have a mount. However, you no longer have to waste several inventory slots on transportation. Pull up your character screen and you will notice that there is a new tab called "pet". Go into your bag and left click on your mount and your mount will appear in the mounts part of the pet slot. While you are at it, head to the bank and get all of the pets you have stored there and memorize them as well. You can now change mounts and pets at will without using any inventory space.

3. Head to the Nearest Trainer. Just by loading up Lich King, you have unlocked several new spells and spell levels. Be sure to head to the nearest trainer and learn your new spells. You also will want to open up the next level of trade skill points so that you can start levelling up your skills, particularly your gathering skills.

4. Clean Out Your Bags. Chances are that your bags will be filled with a number of things you will not be using for the next ten levels. While you are at the bank, you might want to go through them thoroughly and put away everything that pertains to anything other than Northrend. Things like Battleground Tokens, BC Quest Items, BC Herbs or Minerals, alternate gear, etc will likely just be taking up space while you are questing your way through Northrend. Because you will be doing a lot of quests and NPC kills, you will need every space you can free up.

5. Reload Your Addons. This may seem obvious, but most of your addons will be rendered useless (or for beta will be in the wrong directory). Look for those that have been updated and load up the updates.

6. Check Out Your Achievements. There is a new tab called Achievements. Be sure to check it out and see where you stand. You may have a new title you can use.

7. Head to Northrend. Once you are finally prepared, then it is time to head to Northrend. Horde can take a Zeppelin Ride outside of Ogrimmar. Alliance rides a boat from Auberdine.

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