Tempest Rising (Rift Event)  

Tempest Rising
World Event

10/18/12 to
Tempest Rising is the lead-in event for Rift's first expansion, Storm Legion. Players should visit the Wreck of the Endeavor, west of Shoreward Island (6463, 4047), between the water boundaries of Freemarch and Silverwood, for the event quests. There is no special World Event currency for this event.

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Phase 1: Gust Front [10/18/2012]
Ominous clouds can be seen on nearly every horizon, sudden squalls wrack the land, and the air reeks of ozone and ash. Be wary Ascended, Crucia stirs.

Phase 2: Cold Wave [10/23/2012]
Crucia's Storm Legion runs rampant throughout Telara like a tidal wave. The Ascended must stand strong against this onslaught or all is lost.

Phase 3: Tempest Rising [10/30/2012]
Alliances strain as minds bend and break beneath Crucia's Will. Madness seems to sweep through villages, towns, and cities as mortal after mortal falls victim to the Storm Queen's insidious commands.

Phase 4: Breaking Storm [11/13/2012]


Quests will be available for all phases after they are introduced.

Daily Quests
Phase 1
Close-In Support
Salvaging Supplies
Phase 2
Hold the Line
Train the Recruits
Fortify the Defenses
Weaken the Enemy Forces

Repeatable Quests
Continuing Mission Support

Story Quests
Phase 1
A Strange Ship on the Horizon
In Her Royal Majesty's Service
Emissary to the Icewatch
Phase 2
Three if by Air!
Whispers in the Wind
Freedom from Folly

Instant Adventures
Phase 2
Save Meridian!
Save Sanctum!

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