Tier 1 (WoW)  

Tier 1 refers to the set of class equipment that can be acquired from the 8 standard bosses of The Molten Core. Note that the boss of Molten Core, Ragnaros drops the leg pieces for the Tier 2 equipment instead. Tier 1 equipment sets consists of 8 pieces, and the set bonuses are at the 3, 5, and 8 piece levels.

Tier 1 can also refer to a guild working on Molten Core.

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Tier 1 equipment by class

Druid: Cenarion Raiment
Hunter: Giantstalker Armor
Mage: Arcanist Regalia
Paladin: Lawbringer Armor
Priest: Vestments of Prophecy
Rogue: Nightslayer Armor
Shaman: The Earthfury
Warlock: Felheart Raiment
Warrior: Battlegear of Might


Feet: Lucifron (first boss)
Legs: Magmadar (second boss)
Head: Garr (fourth boss)
Shoulder: Baron Geddon (fifth boss)
Hands: Shazzrah (sixth boss)
Chest: Golemagg (eighth boss)
Wrist: Random drop
Belt: Random drop

Note: sources listed are for Arcanist Regalia. Some sets may have drops from Shazzrah or Sulfuron Harbinger instead.

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