Tier 3 (WoW)  

Tier 3 refers to the set of class equipment that is acquired from tokens dropped by bosses of Naxxramas. Set bonuses are at the 2, 4, 6, and 8 piece levels. This set contains nine pieces, however the highest level set bonus is only eight pieces, in order to accomodate players who do not want to wear or cannot acquire every single armor piece just to lose out on the set bonus. The tokens are redeemed at Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands

As of patch 3.0 Naxxramas has moved to Northrend and these sets are no longer obtainable.

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Tier 3 equipment by class

Druid: Dreamwalker Raiment
Hunter: Cryptstalker Armor
Mage: Frostfire Regalia
Paladin: Redemption Armor
Priest: Vestments of Faith
Rogue: Bonescythe Armor
Shaman: The Earthshatterer
Warlock: Plaguehearth Raiment
Warrior: Dreadnaught's Battlegear


Wrist: Anub'rhekan or Grand Widow Faerlina (Spider wing sub-bosses)
Hands: Maexxna (Spider wing boss)
Shoulders: Patchwerk or Grobbulus (Abomination wing sub-bosses)
Head: Thaddius (Abomination wing boss)
Waist: Noth the Plaguebringer or Heigan the Unclean (Plague wing sub-bosses)
Legs: Loatheb (Plague wing boss)
Feet: Instructor Razuvious or Gothik the Harvester (Death Knight wing sub-bosses)
Chest: Four Horsemen (Death Knight wing boss)
Ring: Kel'thuzad

Additionally, Gluth will drop random sub-boss tokens.

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