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There are loads of Tinkerfest items, obtained in various ways.
Some are made by Tinkerers, while others are only quest rewards or purchased exclusively from Myron and Tarly in Steamfont Mountains.
Myron sells the new items and items unlocked by quests or achievements, and Tarly sells stuff from previous years.

Tinkerer Crafted

The items from the general Tinkerfest recipes can also be found on merchants during the celebrations, but the Master Tinkerfest recipes are exclusive to Tinkerers. Check out any of pages below for a full list of the items that can be crafted from those recipe books!

Requires Tinkering skill 25 to scribe:

Requires Tinkering skill 400 to scribe:

Merchant Only

2015 Additions

Inventory clicky items:

Ceiling Mounted Tinkered Portals
clockwork lobber beetle
Crushing Gear (Active)
Floor Mounted Tinkered Portals
Large Pump Gear (Active)
Petamorph Wand
Clockwork Grappler Beetle
Spinning Whirlygig (Active)
The Cog Blocker
Tinkered Firework Projectomatic

2014 Additions

a D.I.R.T.Y. Sand Scooper 6500
Ceiling Mounted Carbonite Cog Chain
Coiled Fligger Prototype
Dark Vault Door
Dok-Tok Mk III Plushie
Floor Mounted Carbonite Cog Chain
Gnomish Sign Plate
Polished Gyro Fligger
Tik-Tank Mk III Plushie
Tinkered Glow Skimmer
{house pet)

Previous Years' Goodies

Blue Canvas Oscillating Kajiggers
Carbonite Clockwork Drape
Carbonite Hex Gear
Carbonite Plated Gear
Celebration of Spring Sculpture
Ceiling Mounted Lightning Rods
Dark Canvas Oscillating Kajiggers
Emerald Canvas Oscillating Kajiggers
Energized Tinkerfest Hovercog
Floor Mounted Lightning Rods
Horizontal Xegonite Sprocket (Active)
Horizontal Xegonite Sprocket (Inactive)
Illuminated Tinkerfest Hovercog
Impacted Carbonite Cog
Impacted Rhodium Cog
Impacted Velium Cog
Large Carbonite Gear (Inactive)
Large Rhodium Angled Cog
Large Rhodium Gear (Active)
Large Rhodium Gear (Inactive)
Medium Rhodium Gear (Active)
Medium Rhodium Gear (Inactive)
Myron's Combustible Gearskif
Myron's Energized Gearskif
Myron's Illuminated Gearskif
Myron's Mechanized Gearskif
Myron's Retrofitted Gearskif
Myron's Whirlblade Gearskif
Overworked Double Gear
Overworked Rhodium Gear
Perpetual Motion Illuminators
Pine Canvas Oscillating Kajiggers
Red Canvas Oscillating Kagiggers
Rounded Lateral Cog
Rusty Powered Wrench
Ruthenium Clockwork Drape
Small Rhodium Gear (Active)
Small Rhodium Gear (Inactive)
Small Rusty Gear (Active)
Small Rusty Gear (Inactive)
Small Velium Gear (Active)
Small Velium Gear (Inactive)
Spoked Carbonite Gear (Active)
Spoked Carbonite Gear (Inactive)
Spoked Rhodium Gear (Active)
Spoked Rhodium Gear (Inactive)
Spoked Rusty Gear
Spoked Rusty Gear (Active)
Spoked Rusty Gear (Inactive)
Spoked Velium Gear (Active)
Spoked Velium Gear (Inactive)
Square Gear Pairing (Active)
Tan Canvas Oscillating Kajiggers
Tinkered Electro Gyro-Sphere
Crafting Component

No Picture Available
Tinkerer's Mechanized Framework
Tinkered Xegonite Drill (Active)
Tinkered Xegonite Drill (Inactive)
Tinkerer's Cup
Vertical Xegonite Sprocket (Active)
Vertical Xegonite Sprocket (Inactive)
Vertically Aligned Ronium Gear (Inactive)
Vertically Aligned Velium Gear (Inactive)
Weight Bearing Tinkered Titanium Gear

Legends of Norrath

Added to Legends of Norrath just one month before the 2010 Tinkerfest, the Overclocked Tinkered Control Button is sure to be a hit with fans of gnomish contraptions and giant red buttons alike! It can only be obtained as a random loot card in Doom of the Ancient Ones booster packs.

Occurs annually in late summer.

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