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Tranquillien, located in the Ghostlands, is a town on the western slope of Sungraze Peak overlooking the Dead Scar, directly across the bridge from Eversong Woods. Inhabited by both Blood Elves and the Forsaken, Tranquillien is an outpost for organizing attacks aimed at retaking the Ghostlands from the Scourge of Deatholme.


Prior to the Third War, Tranquillien was home to the High Elves. However, during the war, Tranquillien became overrun by the Scourge and the High Elves were forced to abandon their town. The village was abandoned until a coalition of Blood Elf and Forsaken forces moved in to inhabit the town and attempt to retake it from the Scourge.

As a Town

Tranquillien represents the major quest hub for Ghostlands, and a good many quests originate from Tranquillien, that service players from around level 10 to about level 20.


Tranquillien is often the first time that players are introduced to the concept of reputation. Tranquillien has a quartermaster, and most of the quests out of the area increase the player's reputation very rapidly. The player should reach exalted just by completing all the Ghostlands quests, and possibly the repeatable quests More Spinal Dust and More Rotting Hearts.

The Blood Elves and Forsaken of Tranquillien are overseen by Dame Auriferous, High Executor Mavren, Advisor Valwyn and Deathstalker Maltendis. The players can access reputation-based rewards from Quartermaster Lymel.

Reputation Rewards
Reputation Item(s)
Friendly Apprentice Boots, Bogwalker Boots, Volunteer's Greaves, Tranquillien Flamberge
Honored Apothecary's Waistband, Batskin Belt, Tranquillien Defender's Girdle
Revered Apothecary's Robe, Deathstalker's Vest, Suncrown Hauberk
Exalted Tranquillien Champion's Cloak

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