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This guide is intended as a reference to the various xml and tools pages included on If you want to include content in your own application, this guide might serve as list of interfaces available.

I am open to suggestions regarding XML tools and XML data structure.

Wow Icon pack (updated weekly)

Wow Item Name to ID XML Reference (Updated Daily)

Wow URL Based Item Lookup

Example: Stormrage Boots

Wow Lite Item Display


Lite item display also supports access by name:

Search Box on your site

This is an example of html code you might put on your site to encourage users to use the World of Warcraft search.

<form action="" method="get">

<img src="" alt="Search Allakhazam's"

style="width: 110px;height: 32px; vertical-align: middle;"/>

<input type="text" name="q" style="border: 1px solid black; width: 150px;"/>

<input type="submit" value="Search"/>



We encourage developers of World of Warcraft tools to make use of the XML and HTML data provided here. We also encourage being courteous with regards to the speed of requests which automated applications make against the site. We appreciate (but do not require) notice on your application that "Data is provided courtesy of".

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