WOW Guide Guildus Astartes - A How To Guide.  

Guildus Astartes: A How To Guide.

If you are in a guild that is organized to the tee and things are thought out, this thread is not for you. If you play 4 hours a week and wonder where molasses comes from, this thread is not for you. If you are a level 60 in an "ok" guild or a guild leader seeking advice, this is for you.

The Issue:

Guilds need structure and objectives. Otherwise its random ppl playing random alts, randomly playing once in a blue moon with no reason to play except hit 60....WEEEEELLLLLL lemme tell ya somethin, 60 sucks. Yup, i said it. Your goal blows goats in the pale moon light, but there is salvation.

Once you hit 60, questing is just 'o-k' real reason anymore unless its for cool gear or does something productive to your character rather than 50 silver or some crappy piece of equipment thats meant for another class. So from there, you start lookin at your guild and the thought will hit your mind like 'wtf have these ppl been doing the last 2 months???' and you'll realize that you kinda sorta don't have anyone to share the joy with.

Now i know ppl are like 'HELP TEH GUILDIES!', 'GO DO HIGH LVL INSTANCES!', 'GET UBER ARMOR!'....Seriously, helping guildies gets very boring after you've ran through deadmines the 100th time and you'll soon find out what the terms 'pick-up' parties and 'ninja looting' means. Unfortunately there are idiots that play this game and they actually make it up to 60. When they do, they are the bread and gravy of every pick up group you will do and they will loot things according to their needs or their guild's needs.

The Resolve:

First of all, rules. It sucks to be the leader because your judgments can piss ppl off and nobody likes a bad gaming experience, but if you are in a casual guild some order will need to be set in place.

The Ranks- You can make all sorts of ranks but the premise is usually 4: Newbie, Member, Veteran, Officer. This ranks are given to you to use to grant privileges to ppl, not just bump everyone up w/o thinking things through. There has to be rules to each rank or obtaining each rank such as a person has to be level 20 to join the guild, the character joining cannot be an alt, and the person must be sensible and mature, for example.

Then your next step is the full member. What does a person have to be in order to be full member? Well, if you have a website for the guild, they must register. Everyone in the guild must like the person and got along with him or her. The person might have to show that he/she is resourceful in certain combat situations are have good knowledge in guild chat.

What about a Veteran? I would say a player post level 40 that logs in at least once a day, and occasionally helps lowbie guildies do instances is a great start, but really, is the person a good decision maker? Did he/she boost the right stats when leveling? How did they perform under a tough situation either in the guild or out on the battlefield? - These are things that make Veterans. You might think its stupid to have such requirements, but good players with a decent head on them can turn a bad guild around in a heartbeat when the going gets horrid.

Officers are usually 50+ members that are just fun to have in the guild, log in once a day, and always have great advice to equipment questions, build questions, and game info. These are the guys that set things up and help ppl out in desperate need while being very reliable in making or helping with decisions. They're experience with the talent tree and what gear to use is often very helpful to lwbie members as well. I don't how many times i've asked in guild chat what a great talent build is for my class, to get a good answer from an officer that has 50+ levels in the class and knows what works.

Those are the ranks, and as things go, they are privileges, no handouts. When a person reaches a new rank, find someway to make them feel important, such as list them on the front page of the website saying so'n'so became a Vet today or maybe some piece of gear they like from the guild bank�.speaking of guild bank�

The Guild Bank- The Guild Banker is thee most important position to hold in the guild. This person is the most trusted in the guild, therefore a RL buddy to the guild master or someone that you�ve known for a long time online�you get the idea, NOT Joe Schmo. A bad guild banker can start all sorts of drama for your guild, can cause it to break, and can cause the ppl in the guild to get a very bad reputation. This is why the banker is held in the highest and most trusted regards.

This persons responsibilities are to keep track of all the guild�s items and who contributed the item to the guild � I would advice keeping an excel spreadsheet with dates on when the item was received, where it went, and why. The reason for having a guild bank is to simply keep all the crafting items, good green, blue, and purple drops � as well as quest item drops in some cases.

� Crafting items � Any item that is used in crafting any item that is dropped in any instance in which the guild member really doesn�t want the money for the item or can�t use the item. Guild member should be forced to pick up all crafting items no matter what level they are or what the item is to be sent to the guild banker. The reasoning for this is that if a new lowbie joins and attains member, usually bags need to be made for the person and the person should be able to ask the banker for any crafting items they may have.

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