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Secret Hunting Places

Yes we love to quest and group, but sometimes we just like to find someplace to grind. That's what this guide is for. Here are places that are 1) Off the beaten track a little, 2) Not usually involved in quests and thus often not hunted, 3) Have mobs that can be pulled in ones and twos, and 4) Often provide good loot. These were taken from our own experience and suggestions from the forums. Feel free to add your own suggestions as comments and I will add them to the guide.

The list is done by level and when possible I've provided a link to a mob specific to the area so that you can get a map. There is no guarantee these areas will be free on your server, but they are ones others have had success with.

Level 10 - 20 (A).
[1] Auberdine Shore. Go to Auberdine. North and south along the beaches are crabs. Plenty of them to make some good exp off of. There's also a few chests with food and stuff. Just off shore in some spots you can find threshers to kill. I got very lonely doing this, it's almost never camped. Basically anywhere north of Auberdine is pretty barren with people. There are some nice camps too, like a ruins area where you kill snake-people thingys in your early 20's.

Level 13 - 16 (A).
[2] Loch Modan Trogs. In Loch Modan, there's a quest to find Bingles' Tools. One of the tools is on a small islet to the Southwest of the main island where the rest of the tools are. The Troggs on this islet spawn at an insane pace - the respawn timer is something like 1 minute. It's possible to fight constantly without ever taking a break, and a high-teens or low-twenties character could probably make quite a nice amount of cash and loot in a fairly short time here, and benefit people who are trying to do the Bingles' Tools quest at the same time.

Level 14 - 19 (A).
[3] SE Redridge. Most people don't make it to this part of the zone since it's easier to hunt closer to town and the road. There are gnolls and ogres and murlocks here to kill and there's a vendor in the hills so you don't have to run back to town to sell. There are also several chests that spawn in the area.

Level 16 - 20 (H).
[4] NE Barrens. A great little spot for Horde 16-20 is in the northern Barrens, just west of the road to Ashenvale. Nice little alcove in the mountains with a blacksmith-type shop NPC, smithing equipment (forge, anvil), and a little hut that it seems the critters in the area don't like to go near. Enemies range from L15 lions to L18-19 Zhevra. They tend to pack themselves fairly tightly, so adds are always a possibility, but with some pulling talent, you can manage fairly well. Drops tend to be of the "parts" variety, but sell fairly well for their level (and the NPC is right there, so you don't have to worry about your inventory filling up). It'll support 2-3 people hunting at any one time comfortably.

Level 22 - 25 (B).
[5] Wetlands Whelps. They drop money, green items, once in a HUGE blue moon a blue item, and the coveted Tiny Crimson Whelpling which sells for a lot at AH. I don't know of any quest for these, but you do get the occasional level 50+ player running through them all to get the whelpling. luckily, they spawn rather fast and over a wide area, so you can constantly grind on these.

Level 22 - 28 (A).
[6] Duskwood Spiders. In Duskwood, NE of the Hermit is a little alcove between 2 mountains. In that alcove spawn level 24-26 Black Widow Hatchlings. There are also 2 chest spawns at opposite ends of the alcove (one just SW of the entrance and the other against the far wall south of the entrance). The loot here is all of the sellable variety (mainly parts), plus the occasional green or blue drop. Their poison is easily countered by anti-venom (from first aid) and they even drop the only component for the second level anti-venom (large venom sac) which is rarely needed since the first level one works up to level 25. Level 26 ones are fairly rare though but the spawn rate is nice. You can also poach any Rabid or Starving Dire Wolves who wander too close to the area.

Level 25 - 29 (A).
[7] Ogre Mound. Also in Duskwood, there is an Ogre Mound which has a couple of chest spawns, and the ogres made pretty soft targets for my lv 30 hunter. There is a cave in that area which holds a chest spawn and the mobs in there respawn at a decent rate. If you're going through and methodically culling the ogres as they spawn, you shouldn't have problems with links. Only quest in the area is to kill a named ogre, so if you just avoid killing him you aren't going to give anyone any grief. Even if you do feel like killing him (he does drop a green item somewhat more often than the others) his respawn time is quite good, on the order of 15 min or less. Usual loot from the ogres: wool, silk, cash, occasional nice item.

Level 26 - 30 (A).
[8] Raven Hill Cemetary. In Duskwood, there are catacombs located in the Raven Hill Cemetary. There are tons of undead mobs there between 27-29. I levelled there up to around 33 and got some nice money and a constant flow of experience. There is a non-elite boss that spawns in there as well, who always drops a green item, whether it be a rotted cape or an item that summons a level 30 felhound pet to do your bidding for an hour. There is also a silver-elite undead "commander" that spawns on the opposite side of the catacombs. I know of at least 2 chest spawn locations in here as well. The mobs on one side of the catacombs consist of Skeletal Healers, Skeletal Raiders and Skeletal Warders, while the other side consists of Plague Spreaders and Brain Eaters. If I remember correctly, the skeletons are higher level than the ghouls, but I'm not sure. They all drop silk threads and silver so it's quite nice. If you pull it off correctly, you can just go from one end to the other and by the time you start working back to the other side, everything will have respawned, so you never have to worry about downtime.

Level 27 - 30 (B).
[9] Dragonmaw Orcs. These are off the path in the Wetlands. Most of them are spread out far enough to not add, and they have good drops for their level.

Level 28 - 32 (B).
[10] Terrowulves in Ashenvale. This little pocket is located just before the exit to Felwood and is only visited by alliance for a quest that requires you to pop in and get something and leave, so it is usually not camped. You can work your way in and kill Terrowulves over and over and occasionally the silver elite packlord pops for extra special loot.

Level 30 - 33 (H).
[11] Dor'danil Barrow Den. There is a mini dungeon in the hill in the South part of Ashenvale full of undead. Half of them are on UC faction and thus green and the other half are red. This makes it easy for a horde to solo the dungeon. There is a chest there that pops every 10 to 15 minutes in one of 4 spots to give extra loot too. Alliance players come through now and then to do a quest, which is good because the downside is that over time, the dungeon will turn green on you.

Level 35 - 38 (B).
[12] Lost Ones. Nobody hunts in the Swamp of Sorrows, especially at this level, so the lost one camp in the north part of the zone is often free. The mobs are easy to pick off one at a time and there is a chest that pops every 10 to 15 minutes for extra loot. This is a particularly good spot if you are an herbalist, since you can get a pile of liferoot, goldthron and blindweed in ths area as well.

Level 39 - 42 (B).
[13]. Badlands Elementals. There are some rock elementals in the badlands. Right by the flight path in kargath, up in a little alcove above some lesser rock elementals. What makes this place so great is the elementals are easy to kill, have pretty nice NPC drops... And best part for miners, a TON of ore spawns in the area. They drop some nice AH drops also, solid stones go for like 1g and sell pretty quick. Also drop elemental earth, which is nice. NPC drops can go for like 50s per FIVE. THe downside? Slowish spawn rates, maybe 5min. Also there is a quest to collect some item from them. Not that many in the area also, maybe 10. However spaced out enough for clean fighting/pulls. Also, NO ONE stays once they get their items. So while it will be boring at times, its a very nice money maker. I would venture to say maybe 2people max there for decent exp/money, but of course 1 would be more ideal.

Level 40 - 45 (B).
[14] Hinterland Trolls. Any troll encampment in the southwest/south central areas of Hinterlands. If you are Horde you might have to worry about 1 to 2 Alliance questers but almost the entire region has a low population for most of the day. I personally have sat at one spot during peak hours and never saw a single person run by. The trolls there all drop mageweave, mojo/big mojo, good amount of silver, and some good green item drops. About half way into the Hinterlands you will encounter an Elven NPC town, directly south of it is a Troll camp where every now and then (never timed it) a silver Elite Troll will spawn. Herbalists can also get sungrass in this zone. At this camp you might have to fight off the occasional wolf or owlbeast add. Owlbeasts are treated as humanoids and drop silver. The Trolls and Owlbeasts, along with the griphons you can find there, all can drop Long Elegant Feathers and Wildvine.

Level 40 plus (B).
[15] Scarlet Monastary. Go into the Scarlett Monastary and walk into the left instance. After fighting thru about a dozen level 30-32 elites you will enter a Graveyard. Within this graveyard is paradise. A majority of the spawns are lv 30 ghosts that are non elite that you will take on in sets of 3's (lv 40 solo this is a walk in the park) The only other monsters in there are level 30-32 elite shades and 30-32 elite zombies which you take out 1 at a time. Average drop is between 2-6 silver for the ghosts, zombies, and shades. Add in 2 named elites that drop almost everytime blue (superior) items, a ton of silk threads, the ever rare Gravemoss for Alchemy and a whole slew of lv 25-30 green (good) drops and you got yourself a goldmine. I average 10g. per hour with that method. Instances are where it's at.

Level 44 - 47 (B).
[16] Whyrmbolg. Dustwallow is an underused zone and this area is rarely camped. This is a place with many elite dragonkin that drop very decent loot, rugged leather and dragonscale. Just steer clear of the western cave, it has a mean dragon living there.

Level 45 - 50 (B).
[17] Dunemaul Ogres. The Dunemaul ogres in the middle SW part of Tanaris have a HUGE camp. On my server this is a highly contested zone and anyone running into Un'goro could run through your camp. Might not be the best spot on a PVP server unless you have a good rep or you can take out 50's running to Un'goro. The Ogres drop Mageweave (up to 3 at once), 2-7s each, random nice green/blue item and some vendor trash. There are also several other groups of Ogres you can camp in Tanaris.

Level 47 - 50 (B).
[18] Scalebanes in the Swamp. Elite Dragons about level 42 wander the eastern part of the zone. These are easy to pull and kill one at a time and drop very nice loot. The zone is also a great place to get herbs.

Level 50 - 55 (B).
[19] Felwood Elementals. In northern Felwood, there is a cave filled with elementals. There does exist one quest to collect items that drop almost 100% and take 12-15 drops. Most people stay outside the cave and kill the outdoor spawns for that; when I did the actual quest, I didn't even get a third of the way in. The elementals are imho easy to kill and very easy to chain. They respawn ridiculously fast - in fact that's your biggest danger here. It's hard to kill a fourth one before the first respawns, so afk carefully. I was clearing said cave at level 52. The mobs are 52-54.

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