Warsong Hold (WoW)  

Warsong Hold, led by Garrosh Hellscream, is the primary Horde base in Borean Tundra. Constructed by the Warsong Offensive, it is currently led by Garrosh Hellscream, once the chieftain of the Mag'har in the Outlands. This fortress can be found in the southern reaches of Borean Tundra near the coastline.


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Warsong Hold is one of the few places that Horde adventurers can come to gain training for their professions at the Grand Master level.

Warsong Hold Services
NPC Name Race Service
Adelene Sunlance Blood Elf Grand Master Inscription Trainer
Arthur Henslowe Undead Grand Master Alchemy Trainer
Brunna Ironaxe Orc Grand Master Mining Trainer
Chief Engineer Leveny Goblin Grand Master Engineering Trainer
Crog Steelspine Orc Grand Master Blacksmithing Trainer
Eorain Dawnstrike Blood Elf Grand Master Enchanting Trainer
Fishy Ser'ji Troll Grand Master Fishing Trainer
Geba'li Troll Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer
Nurse Applewood Undead Grand Master First Aid Trainer
Orn Tenderhoof Tauren Grand Master Cooking Trainer
Raenah Troll Grand Master Tailoring Trainer
Tansy Wildmane Tauren Grand Master Herbalism Trainer


Some citizens in Warsong Hold give quests or add to the local flavor.

Subzones of Borean Tundra

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