buffs (WoW)  

Buff refers to any temporary beneficial effect that can be put on a player. There is a wide variety of buff, ranging from simple shield to increase to pretty much every single abilities a character possesses.

A character can have up to 32 buff on him at a time, although only 16 will be visible. Buffs are an essential part of raiding, since with so many different way to enhance a character, a fully raid buffed character can double (and sometime even more) his performance in any given role.

There's two main type of buffs, simple time based buff which are put on a character and will eventually expire over time (Like Battle Shout) and area buff, that are up for as long as the character remain in a given area (Such as buff given by a Shaman's Totems).

Time based Buffs can be dismissed by right clicking on the icon for them.

Buff can also be used as a verb, i.e. "to buff" means to apply buffs.

Buff is also used as expression, to signify that a certain class has been made stronger by patch changes.

World of Warcraft

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