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Earth Eternal is a Free-to-Play 3D MMORPG set in the remains of Europe thousands of years after the fall of both humankind and technology. In a future torn by war and ancient magic, several sentient peoples have arisen to rule the planet. Players choose from 12 very different races, each with its own distinct history and lore. Characters begin as one of four classes, but can be customized with a unique multi-class skill system that provides complete player control over character development.


  • An original 3D world based on Europe long after the fall of humankind
  • Unique anime-inspired and non-traditional player races
  • Free-to-play with full access to all content
  • Hundreds of hours of quest-driven gameplay including dozens of challenging group dungeons
  • Robust character advancement system, offering cross-class development (e.g., learn Knight abilities on your Druid)
  • Unique skill-based growth ensures no two characters are the same
  • Intense classic MMORPG gameplay and systems including guilds (Clans)
  • Armor Refashioning allows players to assign stats to their favorite items (including cosmetic items)
  • Unique lobby system allowing players to connect from and travel to anywhere in the game world
  • Game content streams to player’s client with no need for a large client download and installation (download of a plug-in and lightweight client is required the first time the game is launched)

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