Exanimus is an online massively multiplayer online game created in a world where the dead live and roam the earth attacking the surviving living. While most of the world is dead, there are small pockets of survivors that exist in barricaded cities scattered across the planet. Players of Exanimus will have the option of playing as a living survivor or as on eht e dead roaming the earth. Exanimus will allow players to experience a new type of MMO based on the horror genera. Exanimus will feature challenging gameplay and visually "intense" environments.

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- Based on the Horror Genre breaking away from traditional Sci-Fi / Fantasy MMO's.

- Ability for players to fight for survival as a human or join the ranks of the dead.

- Large urban and rural areas for players to discover.

- New custom crafting and economy system.

- Current plans include both a traditional & Perma-Death Servers.

Gameplay FAQ

Does Exanimus follow any kind of story?
Yes, there is a storyline created for players that they will be able to immerse themselves in.

What kind of game play can I expect?
Exanimus is a very dark and graphic game. Players will experience a very apocalyptic world, where everything is as bad as it can get, and then some. Players should expect to see half-rotten corpses walking around and tearing apart the bodies of the living for food.

Can I play as a zombie?
Yes, players will have the ability to become part of the walking dead and experience the game from a zombie's perspective. Nothing shows your friends that you care more than a big bite on the cheek.

Is there PvP?
Yes. In most MMO games, the PvP area is usually some kind of area that is set aside for players wanting to do that. We have taking an entirely different route when it comes to PvP, PvZ, PvE, ZvE, and any other kind of v combination. Zombies and Human will be able to go at it at any time. That's a no brainier (no pun intended). But players playing as humans will also have the ability to go PvP against other human players. We have safe Zones from PvP, such as the Downtown survivor city and a few others. Think of it like Dodge City with Wyatt Earp walking around making sure everyone behaves themselves. But when you leave the safety of the city gates on a convoy or solo, don't just think Zombies are going to be your only problem.

Is this a solo game or team play game?
Both. We recognize that people like to play with others and sometimes by themselves. We have designed a format that will allow both types of players to enjoy their game experience.

What time period is Exanimus set in?
Exanimus is set in the modern world of today.

Are there character classes / professions?
There will be different professions for the Human players to choose from. Each one of these professions will be critical for the survival of the human players and teams protecting the city. Zombie players will also have some different class choices to offer a variety of choices on character customization.

Are there NPC's?
Yes, there will be NPC's in the game helping players with a variety of items. Some NPC's will be story NPC's, maybe some vendors, and some other tasks.

Will a Creative and Clever mind help me survive?
Yes. Don't expect to walk into this game with some kind of laser pistol that has unlimited ammo and run into the middle of a Zombie pack and expect to win. That's not this game. How you progress your character, where you go for supplies, how you interact with the players and NPC's, what you carry with you, etc... will all impact you. If you act like an idiot, expect to be dinner for a Zombie or killed by another human.

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