game:Force of Arms  

Forty years we've wasted. Fighting with each other, dying with each other. Over and over, for nothing. They tell us that it's all for Genesis, that if we can just hold out for the cure to the Affliction, it'll all be over...

Humanity, now ruled by corporations after the death of government, has been beaten down by ages of corporate clashes and human greed. It now lies in ruins, spread amongst the depleted planets of known space. At the darkest moment of the final hour, a discovery will be made that will forever change the course of human history and return the once lost race to the stars.

Thus begins this feudal saga as man and machine arise to rebuild civilization in your image. Your actions will dictate the reemergence of civilization.

Choose a corporate ally to further your existence and join their Mech Fighting Forces to defend your corporate flag, or explore the universe harvesting resources! You are in control of your future, writing not only your own story, but affecting the story of others. Be careful, for while the universe is vast, your existence is limited. As you write entire chapters of lore with your valiant efforts, you can most certainly be destroyed.

Be a mercenary, a hero, a crusader, or a dog. This is your story and your life. Use the time wisely.

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