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In Holic you star as the hero/heroine, trying to recover you memories, lost in the twilight. As you go along on your journey and battle against the forces of darkness, your memories start to reemerge, along with everyone else's around you. At the start of your adventure, you must choose a class of warrior, each with its own skill. There are many to choose from, ranging from the strong brave warrior, to the wise and majestic mage. Many monsters threaten your life in the realm of Walled and the well being of your town, but through tasks set by people in the game, you soon start to get a sense of who you are. As with any game, as you advance through the game, the monsters start getting harder and the tasks become more challenging. You will not be alone in the game, as other people will form a union with you and guilds. As well as the pets which will help you along the way.


Apart from choosing the race, you also get to:

  • Name your hero/heroine
  • Gender (Male/Female)
  • Choose their hair style
  • Choose their hair color
  • The type of face
  • Beginner clothing
  • Lastly the class

Screenshot of Character Creation

The game allows you to create up to three characters, so you can experiment around a bit, find the class and look you like. When your character is ready, you just simply click the game start button and you're off on your wild adventure.



Warriors are able to use a variety of weapons with great skill. They have a good balance of skills for melee attacks or even ranged. The warrior has great power and the best defense out of the classes, with a lot of health. Many people considered them as the leading class as they can take on many monsters at once and pull through.


Mages are useful in combat, because of their ability to use ranged magic spells. Mages do take a while to train, as they need to recover mp, but later on they gain some great spells. These spells are often high hitting and have some extra effects. Mages however tend to have a low health allowance and only have the weapon choice of a rod (1 handed) or a staff (2 handed). With the 1 handed rod a mage may also hold a shield in their other hand.


Monks have a fast attack speed and are seen as a strong class. They don't have big bulky weapons, but rely more upon the physical strength that their character possesses. They are sort of like a medium class, good defense, good attack.


Rogues are a close-combat class, but prefer to use stealthy evasion skills to surprise their enemy. Their weapons tend to be small, but light like daggers or sabers, but don't owrry they deal the most damage out of the classes. Rogues are seen as the thieves, quick, cunning and always prepared to steal.


A priest is a handy class to have. Priests have the ability to save their companions lives through healing or resurrection. As well as healing they have many buffs to enhance player's stats and even debuffs to weaken any enemies. They aren't as quick at battle as some of the other magic classes. But as you can see this is an essentials kill for quests or when fighting.


Hunters are a bit like rogues. They use bows or guns to use ranged attacks which are quick and do good damage. They have some buffs to increase dexterity and accuracy, which will help you when attacking.

Fighting System

Class Revolving - Allows a character to choose a second class, which they can then use via a skill button to switch into that class. However the disadvantage is that class will start off back at level one with basic armor and no weapon.

Knockback - When out battling monsters, a player can develop an effective style. This style causes monsters to be knocked back and will give them an additional bonus of experience.

Combo - When you attack a monster with magic a seven sign combo bar will appear on the screen. For every different magic skill you use on the monster, it adds a sign to the bar. If you can reach all seven, you will get bonus damage and more experience. However on your own it is hard to reach all seven, so tends to work better in a party.

Extreme Dungeon - If you gather up a party of players you can challenge the extreme dungeon. The system has some obligations and sometimes requires all classes, but is great fun to work at with a group.


There are around 198 quests to keep you busy whilst on your adventures in Holic. These quests range from level one to fifty, so I guess sooner or later, you will run out. These quests range from, just having to go around talking to different people, to slaying monsters out on the field. However it is well worth it, as the quests give you valued experience, money and even in some cases items.


As you move through Holic World, you will encounter many dangerous monsters. In the early stages, these monsters will be of low level and are just helping to lead you up to the real adventure later on. As you progress the monsters get more vicious and harder to beat, reaching up to level sixty-four in one area. Monsters drop value items when killed, give you experience and money. Lots of quests include the ridding of the monsters which have infected the area with evil.

Unique Features

UCD - User Created Dungeon, a user can create their own dungeon to play. In order to do so, you must go visit the NPC called "Aco A". A dialogue box will come up, where you can 1, choose the level of the dungeon. 2, choose the map in which it takes place. 3, choose the level of difficulty (A.B or C). Before you start you get the advantage of seeing the dispersion of the monsters on a map. Not only that, but you also choose which monsters you would like to be placed and where. After that you get to choose the mission of the dungeon and you are ready to go. Creating the dungeon does require some money though.

UCQ - User Created Quest, a user may create their own quest. This time you must go see the NPC called "Aco B". A dialogue will then start, allowing you to select an option to create an UCQ. Here you can choose the difficulty, rewards, level restriction and even give it a description and a name. You then register your quest and then you can view the amount of experience and money you will gain. In the dialogue you must agree to receive a quest and then a list of registered quests will come up, allowing you to choose yours. When you finish the quest just goes back to Aco B. There is a restriction of only 15 quests at a time, allowing only 5 of them to be UCQ. Also the first person to complete the quest, gets the reward.

Special thanks goes out to Llewys "FallenAngel" Howells for the information on this page.

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