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Infinity is a frantic free-to-play multiplayer online game. Enter the fray with your favourite warrior and guide your guards against other players or side by side with your friends in the cooperative mode.

Infinity is focused on hack-and-slash action, an exciting fantasy setting and a good choice of customizable warriors.

Developed by Windysoft, this title and its challenging missions will fulfil the need of any adrenaline addicted gamer!

You start the game logging to a main lobby, from which you can create or join a room to run either player vs player competitions or cooperative player vs environment scenarios. Players are credited with reputation and experience for participating in pvp, while in pve you get loot and money. Four characters are available when you start, but you can unlock more buying them with the in-game currency.


In the ancient times, Eldarin, only god of the Continent of Litia, created a tribe called Dragas to rule the continent. The Dragas, masters of Rune and Magic, became more and more arrogant and eventually tried to steal the power of Eldarin using an artifact charged with strong runic spells. War ensued, and in the end Eldarin destroyed the artifact and banished the Dragas from the area.

The powder of the artifact covered Litia, giving birth to creatures of a new kind, called Aterions, able to absorb power and energy from the very essence of the runes. Aterions, aggressive by nature and born to be warriors, thrive as the main human tribe after the fall of the Dragas. In Infinity Online you play as an Aterion, trying to best one another in battle to gain glory and, ultimately, god-like powers.


  • Fastpaced action: fight alongside your guards to add to the combat mayhem and unlock powerful combos as you press on in the game!
  • Spectacular graphic: Infinity lets you feel the rage of battle and easily adapts to always give the best point of view of the fight.
  • Chain combo system: use up to 42 skill combinations and unlock powerful combos as you press on in the game!

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