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Kickster is the new trend sport for the PC. On the online-playing-fields of this new street soccer game, you set the course with your individually customizable characters and unique cool tricks. Fast-paced action, impressive special-moves and ultimate ball control you gain respect and kudos among the online community. 2v2 or 3v3 - with your team consisting of other human players you can rough up the backyard tournaments and leagues of Kickster. Learn the coolest moves and ascent in the ranks! "Easy to download" and "free to play" - Kickster offers fun-football without compromise and without the obligation to pay. The game is quickly downloaded, installed and also runs smoothly on middle class PCs.

Kickster is the new street soccer community-happening. With your freely customizable character, you team up with new and old friends in the forums and leagues. Backyard, parking lot or warehouse - you can start a quick match wherever and whenever you want: Kickster offers various scenarios in authentic street style. By the way, the comic look of the game stems from the latest cell shading technology that is widely known through films like "Appleseed" or "Ghost in the Shell" or television series like "Futurama" or "The Simpsons".

With Kickster you play exciting hand-to-hand matches against other real players. Via the in-game chat you can arrange the next match with your friends. Thanks to a dynamic motion system you can execute dribblings, tacklings, tricks and slides against you opponents. But only with the right skills you can earn the respect on the streets of Kickster. Only the best players will prevail in the elaborate tournament and league-system.

But don't worry: an extensive tutorial prepares you for the first matches and the matchmaking-function assigns you only opponents with a similar skill. Kickster demands everything from ist players: Have you reached expert-level, you can choose from different strategic positions and moves.

You can choose from hundreds of different items that match your own personal style. From street-wear to crazy fun-outfits - you decide on your looks and attitude. Get the coolest sneakers, the hottest outfit or powerful special attacks in the extensive Item and Skill-Shop.


  • Authentic online street soccer game

  • Easy to download and free-to-play

  • Multiplayer: 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 - play online against real opponents

  • Cool goal getter or rough defense player: you can choose your position and character according to your individual preferences

  • Many different stadiums: warehouse, underground station, backalley and many more

  • Itemshop lets you customize your character according to your personal preferences and taste

  • Rankings, leagues and tournaments: Regularly held community events guarantee non-stop action

  • Level and ranking-system helps finding the right opponents

  • Rapid and action-packed gameplay: nonviolent trend sport for the PC

  • No need for a high end computer: Low system requirements

  • Different tricks and special moves can be trained and obtained over the skill shop

  • Matchmaking-options: Automatic allocation of players with similar skill and proficiency

  • Extensive community functionality: messenger, friends-lists, in-game chat, and more coming soon

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