Metin2 is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is packed with great features including quests, guild battles and wars between nations. Metin2 players from all over the globe will be able to play at no cost! There is no monthly subscription fee or a time limit. The client program can be downloaded for free from our website. This is not something that is going to change; free massive multiplayer game forever. You just can't get any better then that!

With a completely revamped battle system, the combat style defines an art of it's own. The action is fast and furious as your character swings their weapons and cleaves into all enemies within the weapon's reach. This allows you to fight many creatures at once while. Also, any enemy that comes within the range of your attack will be affected by the blows you deliver. There are four classes of characters, eight major skills, and thousands of weapons and armor to be used. Each character has unique combat styles that include slicing, crushing, powerful knockback attacks and finishing moves. Metin2 has captured the speed and fierceness of real world fighting in an epic fantasy.

With limited resources of the three Kingdoms and the threat of the Metins growing, the war between these nations are inevitable. They must fight for these resources in order to survive. Players may select a Kingdom that is right for their character and formulate an army to aid their Kingdom during the fight against the Metin Stones as well as other Kingdoms. Players are able to fight against other players from different Kingdoms during the War of Nations. In order to obtain your ultimate victory for your Kingdom, you will have to have a wise leader and players from that Kingdom will have to cooperate during the war. The Kingdom that wins the war will gain possession of money and land; those that fought in the war and succeeded will gain Glory, Honor, and earn a higher Military Ranking. Do you want to be a Hero? Join the War!

In Metin2 when a Guild meets certain requirements, the Guild leader may buy land, build a Guild house and create their own Guild mark. In order to do that, the Guild must have enough materials and gold which must be contributed by the guild members. This creates a sense of belonging and a sense of achievement, but also enhances the trust between each member. The Guild house is a memorable symbol for the Guild and it represents the dignity and honor of the Guild. At the same time it serves many other functions. For example, the Furnace of the Guild can be used to refine precious stones and the Altar can increase the maximum number of the Guild members allowed in the Guild.

Polymorph is unique ability to morph character's appearance into a Bear, Wolf or other monsters. When the form is changed, the character will possess all of their existing skills as well as the skills of that transformation. This is just another incredible aspect of what Metin2 has to offer. See the cartoon for more info, or just play the game.

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