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Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in an open player-controlled fantasy game world for the PC. Player versus Player (PvP), or rather Player to Player interaction plays an important part in Mortal Online as trading, learning, combat, rumors and alliances are largely dependent on communication between players.

Our approach to character creation, character progress and skills are to get away from hours and hours of pointless grinding and quickly immerse you into the community – once there, your real journey begins.

You will have many different classes to choose from ranging from the traditional Warrior, Thief and Mage types to some special classes intimately connected to the game world. Also, some classes are reserved for veteran players.

Mortal Online will have class restrictions for several reasons, the main one being that we want to encourage interaction between players. For instance, forming an independent guild that can manage entirely on its own will require a broad spectrum of characters, not just a few with all the necessary skills. The same goes for the lone wolf warrior – to be really successful in the world you need to interact with other characters by studying for them or at least by purchasing crafted goods you cannot make on your own.

You are not limited to one character and one class though. Your Deva (account) can hold several characters that will benefit from each other in different ways.


Skills are very important in Mortal Online, as they define what you can and cannot do, sometimes even what you can and cannot see. The skills you can learn are restricted by your class, this means that a warrior cannot learn each and every magic school, for example.

Two types of skills are Action Skills and Learning Skills. Action Skills will typically be trained by being used in the game, while the majority of Learning Skills are trained in the background and requires some time.

To lessen the tedious work of training a character from scratch, if you for example want to alternate your play time between a mage and a blacksmith, we have a group of skills called World Skills. The World Skills are connected to your Deva and will improve no matter what type of characters you are playing. This way if one of your characters for example explore the map or learn about history, so does all of the other characters connected to your Deva.

More intricate details of how the skill system works will be described later.

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