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Game Story

The war among the Gods had become a pivotal episode in history and left the living world in chaos.

The mystical dimension created by the Great One had granted the Gods infinite powers. Be that as it may, Gods were still restricted severely by the rules of balance of the mystic dimension, and none of them could escape the final stages of life. Fueled by their desires to create an ending, they ignored the promises they made to the Dominator, abandoning rules which they established, and eventually created a war.

The war among Gods broke all restrictions between themselves. This was insulting to the pride and honor of the Great One; The chaos taking place in this balanced living world, was an ironic joke to the Gods themselves, since they themselves established all those rules for their own good.

In this epic period of history lived Arthunzala. Arthunzala was a human prince who had dreams which scenes kept repeating on and on forever. His dreams were of the moment when his parents were murdered right in front of him, while he was still a child.

Nevertheless he was a wandering prince, a brave warrior, and ultimately the king who bear great responsibility...

The hardship of growing up cultivated his kindness and refined his character; His frustrating experiences made him nobler.

At the ancient time of the surreal dimension, there was an unforgettable war of the ranks. It ignited fury between one and another, causing the Gods to ignore the dimension rules stated by the Dominator.

At the very early stage, the surreal dimension was empty and extremely chaotic. Spirits and evil creatures wandered around. As time flew by, realized the potential of combined power and they joined forces. The need to be independent made them mature in time, and the Great One was spawned.

The Great One lost his way in the chaos world, so he decided to reconstruct the world according to his own ideologies. In his dream, he dreamt of a brand new dimension, a peaceful world, a kingdom with order.

The world created by the Great One consisted of three dimensions : the outermost dimension; the middle dimension; and the innermost dimension.

When Great One was tired of thinking and dreaming, he let his body as well as his spirits split up to spawn six main gods: the God of Power, the God of Justice, the God of Fire, the God of Evil, the God of Intelligence, and the God of Darkness. As the previous ruler\'s reign had ended, these gods inherited his spirit and will rule the system and recourses of the new dimension. The rules of the new dimension restricted the different powers of gods to ensure a balance for the purpose of stabilizing the current situation.

Gods had created another beautiful and peaceful land for their people. It was built independently in the upper dimension in-between the World of Gods and the Balanced living world. Hence four dimensions were blocked out from one to another. The only way to travel through them was to use the high-tech shuttle machines which connected all four dimensions. The crystal-blue skies, the beautiful waterfalls, the supernatural doubled-moon, the wide plains, the mystical ancient forests, swamps covered by black toxic gas, the inhabited desert, the polar region with extreme temperatures. All these were features of the world which existed in harmony and fascinated everyone. This was where Great One put in two sorts of intelligent creatures - mankind and centaurs. They were neutral and independent, free from the controls of any gods, and had created their unique civilizations. In the innermost dimension, lay the place of reincarnation.

The presence of devils, monsters and fiendish creatures made this dimension evil and frightening. The black soil, the burning lava and the weird weather covered this place with chaos and evil. The God of Hell, as the one who ruled this place is far away from the World of Gods, had more freedom to use his power. As a result, he had created five magical beasts. In the eyes of the living creatures, their world seems to be complicated but yet in order. However, the World of Gods as peaceful as one may think it should be is full of crisis. The God of evil who was spawned by the Great One\'s evil wills, could not bear the restrictions of the balanced power distribution, He is willing to challenge the utmost ranking gods...But he knew, to a God, selfishness is sometimes needed to be the foundation of an independent evil will. Thus, he chose to work together with The God of Hell. He did not know that desire to Gods, once spawned, there is no way to control it. So The God of Hell accepted his invitation, but departed the agreement of mutual benefit. The God of Hell was the first one who along with his magical beast started the ranking war.

The whole dimension trembled during this strange war. All the living creatures sensed forebodings of frightening natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes. They prayed, confessed and asked the Gods: What had we done wrong? No replies, all that they had were endless catastrophes and deaths. The God of Hell underestimated the power generated by the union of the other gods. After many defeats, he retreated deep into the inner dimension, there he hid inside the Tree of Life. Tree of Life was an amazing tree, planted by the Great One. The entire dimension, resources, the power which the Gods possessed came entirely from this tree. It was also the only place which is free from ruling of the six Gods. The Tree of Life would not protect any rebels. So The God of Hell had to face the cruelest punishment-- tortured both physically and spiritually endlessly by binding the ice and fire chain? Meanwhile, those five beasts were sealed individually from one another within five spiritual stone, waiting for time to melt them all. None could have thought that these five spiritual stone which were carrying special responsibilities enhanced a stranger power.

The power of Gods came from the soul, desire made The Evil God quiet no more, he wanted to steal the Spiritual Stones... When he was trying to unseal the Spiritual Stones right in front of the holy table, Guarding Prime Gods found him. Another horrible war took place, a war filled with blood and fire, a war between evil and justice. The Evil God was defeated and laid down in a pool of his own blood. His blood seeped through the Spiritual Stones and he made a felonious curse right before his last breath. No one could think that the blood of God was the key to unseal the power of the spiritual stones, and the stones were to achieve wishes in exchange for life. Thus, t he curse came true. As the Gods died one by one, becoming spirits, the Sky Passage fell to the middle world.

The violent collision had made the civilizations of the middle world fall backward. It pushed the balanced living world to the edge of ending, twisting the dimension. These Gods after becoming spirits were merely wandering around the outer dimension. They had no body, no power; all that they had were delicate powers which merely enabled them to maintain their existence. Everything had returned to the starting point. To prevent themselves from falling, the only thing to do was to scramble for the wills and beliefs from those creatures in the middle dimension. In spite of that, Gods still presented themselves with noble attitudes. Gods helped those races in middle dimension to develop technology, to establish laws, and even teach them how to cast spells. In return, all races have to establish a sanctuary to preserve the dignity of Gods as well as to acquire more believers. What the Gods needed was to form an army with the believers. In the dimensions, nothing could ever escape the universal law of returning. But Gods who adapted the circle logic thinking system tempted by the desire to live on, started the biggest war ever - the War of Gods. After becoming mad, they no longer had consciousness of the rules of the dimensions ... Vengeances, curses led to their extermination.

Wars, cruelties, killings, contests, desire and magic... All these describe this dimension, and provide a story with a history filled with surprises, adventures and romances.



Humans are a fallen tribe and they are the weakest amongst all the races. The lives of humans are not affluent and stable so in order to survive, they have no choice but to do whatever they can even if it means doing something immoral or illegal. Smart, reckless, wicked and go-getting are the best words to describe the human character class in this game.

PALADINS (subclass)

Paladins are great warriors who have a heart to save the weak.Their main purpose in life is to pursue Godliness. They spend their lives training themselves up in order to protect their lands and as a result, they have advanced combating skills and possess greater stamina and power than other classes. They are mainly noted for their superior crime and combat skills. Apart from the offensive side of Paladin nature, they are also good at defense. One can term them as moving castles during battles. However one drawback of this class is that the equipment they carry is relatively heavy because of all the heavy-based weapons and armor they carry and therefore their agility is compromised. A high level paladin is able to advance to a magic-swordsman.

THIEVES (subclass)

Thieves are known to have a wicked and nasty nature. Their outward appearance takes on the usual shape of a slim body and they dress in a corset and mask mainly. Their main choice of weapons are daggers and knives. Their agility level is the highest amongst all classes. Obviously, they are experts in stealing money and items from their enemies as that is what they do. They gain fame and recognition from this activity. Their fast attacking speeds show no mercy to their enemies and if necessary they are able to evade attacks as well. Thieves can be powerful allies to team up with. A high leveled thief can be advanced to become an assassinator.


Like humans, centaurs have a long history and civilization. In contrast with other races, centaurs have a social system whereby the female possesses a higher status than a male in the common population. They are prized to be noble and beautiful. Centaurs live at the top of the "Tree of the World". Since they rely on the life water from the "Tree of the World", they are able to live on over hundreds or even a thousand years. They love peace and like to live in a quiet environment. When Centaurs choose to apply forces, it is mainly because they are protecting their own land or preserving their set of rules. There is no battle in the world relevant to justice that Centaurs do not show up. They are born with great agility and have a higher intelligence level compared to humans. Greater knowledge and more magic skills make centaurs a formidable entity.

ARCHERS (subclass)

Strength, agility and intelligence are never enough to archers who spend their lives to pursue peace and justice. They adopt range weapons, and are masters in using bows and crossbows. They are born with fantastic foresight that gives them a great tactical advantage even before battles start. Normally, they dress lightly with light armors or silky clothes to make sure their agilities will not be affected; One disadvantage of this is that their armor shielding is low and they have low hit points as well. A high-leveled archer is up gradable to become a hunter.

ELVES (subclass)

Elves have a lot of respect for nature and are often one with nature. This enables them to tune in to their natural healing and blessing skills. Elves are very important team platers as they move fast and attack fast as well as have high chances to evade attacks. Elves have great advantages when facing enemies like the undead because they are able to bless teammates with the force of nature. Elves however are very delicate and there is a strong need to protect them in battle. High leveled elves are up gradable to become Knight-elves.


Mages are a combination of the human and centaur class. Their race was cursed ever since it existed and was cursed again after they sold their souls to the dark lord. Their skin is a weird tinge of blue due to a curse by the Gods. This prevents them from ever seeing or being in sunlight. The lands they inhabit are filled with nothing but darkness. This unfairness they felt lead to great hatred and a strong desire to take revenge. However they were clever to forgive to the world and progress in a more positive direction. By using their intelligence, they established the largest economic center in the planet and gained trust by helping strong races to develop and prosper.

PRIEST (subclass)

Priests are capable of casting incredibly powerful spells by utilizing the powers of wind, thunder, water and fire. Their brand of magic is dark in opposition to the holy one. As they are deprived of sunlight, they are weak at closed battle. They compensate for this weakness by having spells which can have unbelievable powers, having great advantages over their enemies during melee attacks. However, their weakest links are their low armor and low hit points. A priest is able to advance to High Priest.

WITCHES (subclass)

Witches have the power to combine ancient charms to exert influences over substances and matter. They hold the power to announce death and use this power in battle. They have similar attack features as priest such as low hit points, but they have a comparatively higher attack damage. A witch can be advanced to become a high-witch.


Half human robots were developed by humans during the decades of miracles. After the ranking wars, the release of the power from the magical stones caused most of the infrastructure to be destroyed. Leaving the robots no power to maintain themselves. Most of them were shutdown having a long winter sleep under ground. Some of them decayed and disappeared along the way and some managed to preserve themselves. When the Myth War arrived, mages stumbled across them and it ignited the mages interests, since mages had been trying to develop something that could overcome their physical shortcomings. "Silver Driver" - an embodiment of the mages advanced intelligence was put in the robots body to make them move again. Parts of this robot would release rays of light as the Silver Driver was operating. Moreover, inspired by technology the mages invented a flight propulsion system for the robots which enabled them to fly without using magic.

TYRANTS (subclass)

Tyrants emerge from the ruins so they are more adept to battle, having a super-powerful body. They are great experts in battle and have only one focus on their mind, to attack. Although they can only use slow and heavy weapons the damage inflicted is massive. They are good at absorbing hit points as well as rebounding attacks.

CYBORGS (subclass)

Cyborgs are designed to protect and prolong lives. They have resistance to all spells being machine based and they have a longer life span than their biological enemies. They excel in team battles due to their healing contribution. They are also good at solo fights. Their primary weapons are spears. As a spear is a double armed weapon, they cannot use shields. They have lower attacking rates, weak defense but can absorb a lot of damage.

World Map

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