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Perfect World International is the newest iteration of the multiple award-winning MMORPG known throughout the world as Perfect World II. Initially launched in China as a subscription-based game, Perfect World's conversion to a free-to-play model established a level of quality not found in other free-to-play titles. Perfect World International aims to be the ultimate version of this immensely popular role-playing game. For the first time, Perfect World is being localized specially for American audiences.

In Perfect World, players can immerse themselves in a huge online world that must be explored to be believed. Deeply rooted in Chinese mythology, the game features unparalleled character customization, extensive costume selection, custom flying mounts, dynamic skill progression, and high-level replay value in the form of territory wars.

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In the beginning of time, the first God of the universe, Pan Gu, lived an immortal life. But with no subjects to lord over, Pan Gu grew tired of his solitary existence and decided to decompose his body into five elements-fire, metal, wood, earth, and water. With his divine power, Pan Gu forged these elements into air, land, mountains, rivers, seas, and plant life-and laid the foundation for a new world. It was then that Pan Gu made his first attempt to fill this new world with life. From his shadow he formed the first sentient beings. These unnamed creatures were uncivilized, and before long, they began turning on one another and corrupting the world around them. Pan Gu saw that what he had created had become an Imperfect World, and moved quickly to rectify his mistake. He built a floating city known as Heaven's Tear, and placed within the city the few creatures that had yet to be corrupted. Then, with the power of water and wind, Pan Gu created a massive flood, which swept through the land and destroyed all life in its path.

The world now cleansed, Pan Gu set about creating a new world, one filled with beings who were capable of Spiritual Cultivation. He created three races that possessed the traits he most treasured in himself. The Human race was born of Pan Gu's spirit, and demonstrated morality, honor, and an unlimited imagination. The race of the Untamed, born of Pan Gu's body, embodied freedom and peace, and possessed a unique connection with the natural order of the world. And the third race, the Winged Elves, were born of Pan Gu's own blood, and exemplified beauty, grace, and purity. Between the three races, the Perfect World was created.

The chief quality that Pan Gu gave all three races was free will. He vowed never again to eradicate an entire species, so all conflicts between the races were to be resolved amongst themselves. One such conflict arose between the Humans and Winged Elves when the two races discovered the city of Heaven's Tear. A war erupted as they fought for control of the great city, bringing out the worst in both races. The Untamed remained neutral, as they were content with living in harmony with the natural world. As the war intensified, and neither side relented, a new threat emerged.

The race that was thought to have been eradicated in the great flood returned in full force. These creatures were not quite living, but not quite dead, and thus came to be known as wraiths. The wraiths appeared to possess a singular objective: to destroy the other races and corrupt the beautiful world around them. Rumors swirled that the wraiths were capable of possessing other living things. Not much is known about the true nature of this evil, but one thing is clear. The three races-Human, Untamed, and Winged Elf-must set aside their differences and unite to preserve their way of life, halt the spread of corruption, and above all, protect the Perfect World.

Enter the Perfect World, choose your alliance, and join the adventure!


  • Explore a vast and picturesque world filled with spectacular cities, lush forests, fiery volcanoes, sprawling deserts, icy mountaintops, and other exotic lands.
  • Choose from 3 unique races-noble Humans, beast-like Untamed, and divine Winged Elves.
  • Select from 6 classes, including the agile, sword-wielding Blademaster; the foxy, pet-taming Venomancer; and the magic-manipulating Cleric.
  • Explore 3 huge capital cities that serve as the hometowns of the major races, as well as many smaller villages spread throughout the land.
  • Make use of a trouble-free crafting system to create your own armors, weapons, and jewelry.
  • Travel through the world on custom flying mounts unique to each race.
  • Join other adventurers to tackle labyrinth-like dungeons and face off against menacing dungeon bosses unlike any you've seen before.
  • Join other high-level players in territory wars, which allow your guild to essentially take over the world, one area at a time.
  • Enjoy virtually unlimited gameplay with new quests, items, and dungeons in the form of regularly released patch updates.
  • And much, much more!



Race Summary The Earthguard are the natural protectors of Perfect World. An ancient, subterranean race, they were selected by Pan'Gu himself to receive the gift of a "Third Eye". The Earthguard have trained all their lives with the knowledge that, at the onset of an age of darkness and destruction, they would be called to action and depended upon. To others they may seen supernaturally calm, and at times, aloof, but this is only a byproduct of their singular motive.To guide the forces of good through the coming calamity.

Basic Information

'''Start Location"': Spire of Awakening
Home City: Tellus City
Racial Mount: Gliders
  • Flying is available at level 30
Available Classes: Seeker | Mystic


Race Summary Champions of morality and societal grace, the Humans have dominated diplomacy and commerce in Perfect World for ages. They are a race who value duty, honor, and respect of tradition. Some are driven by a hunger for exploration and adventure, while others are driven by a desire for fortune and power. Human warfare is simple but effective, and consists of blade and magic techniques.

Basic Information

Start Location: Inn of the Eagles
Home City: Etherblade
Racial Mount: Flying Swords
  • Flying is available at level 30
Available Classes: Blademaster | Wizard


Race Summary The top of the food chain in their vast ocean domain, the Tideborn have returned after thousands of years of isolation from the mainland. Life in the deep under tremendous constant physical pressure has made their bodies lithe, yet remarkably strong, making them perfectly suited for acrobatics and other impressive feats requiring precise body control. The quiet isolation inherent to deep sea survival has also given them plenty of time to practice meditation and focus, allowing them to hone their minds to a near supernatural level. Though the natural form of the Tideborn calls to mind the mermaids and mer-men of legend, they've adopted a bipedal form for their return to the terrestrial world.

Basic Information

Start Location: Dragonfang Village
Home City: City of Raging Tides
Racial Mount: Wings
  • Flying is available at level 30
Available Classes: Assassin | Psychic


Race Summary The Way of Nature provides all thoughtful creatures with the potential for conscious perception. After the god Pan Gu imbued the creatures of the Perfect World with the capacity for thought, a small collective of beasts cultivated their talents and developed consciousness for themselves and their brethren. Their kind is now referred to as the Untamed. Their abilities focus on physical strength and poisonous, disabling magics.

Basic Information

Start Location: The Northern Pass
Home City: City of the Lost
Racial Mount: Beasts
  • Flying is available at level 30
Available Classes: Barbarian | Venomancer

Wing Elves

Race Summary The Winged Elves hail from an ancient and divine bloodline. Their exquisite beauty and naturally-developing wings are the result of divine seed borne by mortal maidens. This provides them with heightened senses, as well as the ability to fly. In combat, Winged Elves specialize in archery and supportive healing magic.

Basic Information

Start Location: Battlemark Village
Home City: Plume City
Racial Mount: Wings
  • Flying is available at level 1
Available Classes: Archer | Cleric



Class Summary
Courageous, righteous, and resolute-these are the defining traits of a Blademaster. These damage-dealers come from a long line of seasoned warriors, and have been hardened by years of combat training. Specializing in melee combat, Blademasters can also master and harness their inner energy, called Chi, in order to channel the most devastating attacks.

Type: Melee, Tank
Available Weapons: Dual Sword, Dual Blade, Blade, Sword, Scythe, Spear, Club, Poleaxe, Sledgehammer, Dual Handaxes, Dual Hammer, Iron Fist, Sharp Edge
Comments: High Physical Defense, Low Magical Defense


Class Summary
Trained in arcane knowledge, Wizards have learned that heavy armor is only needed when the enemy is allowed to move in close. Thus, they have developed an array of long-ranged and high-powered magical attacks utilizing the elements of nature. As masters of the conjuring arts, Wizards are vulnerable while casting, but once the casting is complete, they deal great damage to enemies.

Type: Ranged Magic Damage
Available Weapons: Wand, Magic Sword, Pataka, Jewel Quoit
Comments: Highest Skill Damage, Slow Casting Time


Class Summary
Barbarians have evolved from tigers, lions, and other bestial hunters. Fortified for melee combat, the Untamed Barbarian is a natural-born warrior on the battlefield, and is most comfortable taking hits and returning the punishment. These fighters also have plenty of powerful spells at their disposal and can shapeshift into tiger form.

Type: Melee, Tank
Available Weapons: Dual Sword, Dual Blade, Blade, Sword, Scythe, Spear, Club, Poleaxe, Sledgehammer, Dual Handaxes, Dual Hammer, Iron Fist, Sharp Edge
Comments: Highest Physical Defense, Low Damage


Class Summary
Evolved from an assortment of serpents, foxes, and other small creatures, Venomancers are cute, seductive, and deadly. Do not be misled by the winning smile and bushy tail-these foxy-ladies specialize in poisonous concoctions and should be considered very deadly. Venomancers have the ability to charm animals and tame them as pets, and, similar to the Barbarian, can take the form of a fox.

Type: Ranged Magic Damage, Pet Tamer
Available Weapons: Sword, Staff, Wand, Quoit
Comments: Excellent Solo Class, Low Hit Point


Class Summary
As guardians of the Winged Elves, Archers are both strong and agile. Like all members of their race, Archers are gifted with the ability to fly, and thus make formidable long-range fighters. The heightened reflexes of the Archer provide the steady aim required to vanquish enemies from afar. With an unwavering sense of pride and duty, Archers can learn to shoot arrows both elemental and poisonous in nature.

Type: Ranged Physical Damage
Available Weapons: Bow, Crossbow, Slingshot
Comments: High Critical Percentage, Low Physical Defense


Class Summary
As the primary healers of Perfect World, Clerics are masters of supportive and recovery spells, which makes them an invaluable addition to any group of adventurers. In addition, Clerics specialize in using Metal element attacks, and can curse their enemies to reduce their defense, speed, or attack damage. Clerics are a good match for close-combat companions, since their long-range magical prowess complements the short range of melee fighters.

Type: Hybrid, Primary Healer
Available Weapons: Sword, Staff, Wand, Quoit
Comments: Heal, Buff and Revive Skills, Party Based

System Requirements


  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 CPU
  • 256M RAM
  • 32mb 3D Accelerator graphics card (GF2 series or VGA with similar grade)
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 2.5 GB hard disk space
  • Internet Connection

  • 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 CPU
  • 512M RAM
  • 128mb 3D Accelerator graphics card
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 1.5 GB hard disk space
  • Broadband Internet Connection

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