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Radiant Arcana is developed by Shanghai Moliyo, an one-up digital entertainment company in China mainland. It spent three years and invested 30 million dollars, it creates a full of magic world having medieval magic times as a background. Next It brings Radiant Arcana perfect analysis for you.

Radiant Arcana game world comes from a book called Sefer Yezirah, all the great races in the world surround with a fateful rune stone, open out a series of world-shaking war between justice and evil. And the players' role was born from such an age. From a wet behind the ears young warrior to a great hero, players will be familiar with the entire game world little by little and follow the fate step. You can look into the mother earth from a high angle in the top of the mountain, run in the wide plain, explore on the endless glacier, and struggle with the fierce evil dragon, being chased by gigantic giant, competed with powerful daimon corps.

The entire game world in the early period builds up by six large-scale areas and several instances. These scenes include hill, basin, forest, plain, wasteland, and glacier. Each scene has it own particular landform and feature. Magnificent human main city, grand and heroic cattle head human tribe, inclement dragon castle, weird insect hole, ancient ruins, all of these scenes have its own legend and secret, waiting for the players challenge.

The character in Radiant Arcana is not same as the traditional online game in European and US. However, it fashion into aesthetic figure. The male has strong physique and handsome appearance, the female has full stature and beautiful face. Players can change their complexion, hairstyle, face, stature according to their own favor. It is true to life whenever in battle, walk or swim. All of these details strengthen the visual effect.

The commended main and assistant profession system it has been opened six professions at present, including knight, fighter, rabbi, paladin, flamen and faquir. Different profession has different skills.It divides into three skills, generic skills, professional skills and primary skills. If players can find the relationship of profession and profession, you can create all kinds of new professions according to your own requirement and change your own profession agility aimed at various emergency.

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