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ZoneThe Barrens
The Crossroads, often referred to as "XR", is the largest Horde city located in The Barrens at the intersection of the Gold Road running North/South and the road to Ratchet which runs East/West. Because of its close proximity to Ashenvale to the North and Ratchet to the East, the Alliance tend to prey on Crossroads occasionally. Quests available here are between levels 10 and 30. There are also many vendors and trainers who call the Crossroads home.

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Crossroads is a simple town, meaning it lacks special services such as a bank, auction house, or class trainers. Crossroads does boast an inn, mailbox, and flightmaster, however. Other facilities include a grave yard, a butcher, equipment repair, forge and anvil, and stables.


NPC Name Race Service
Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind Tauren Innkeeper
Devrak Orc Wind Rider Master
Sikwa Tauren Stable Master
Traugh Orc Expert Blacksmith
Kil'hala Troll Journeyman Tailor
Barg Orc General Supplies
Hraq Orc Blacksmithing Supplier
Larhka Orc Beverage Merchant
Nargal Deatheye Orc Weaponsmith
Uthrok Orc Bowyer & Gunsmith
Wrahk Orc Tailoring Supplier
Jahan Hawkwing Tauren Leather & Mail Armor
Halija Whitestrider Tauren Clothier
Moorane Hearthgrain Tauren Baker
Hula'mahi Troll Reagents, Herbs and Poison Supplies
Kalyimah Stormcloud Troll Bags & Sacks
Tari'qa Troll Trade Supplies


Some citizens in the Crossroads give quests or add to the local flavor.

  1. Darsok Swiftdagger
  2. Gazrog
  3. Mankrik
  4. Thork
  5. Sergra Darkthorn
  6. Tonga Runetotem
  7. Apothecary Helbrim
  8. Grenthar
  9. Korran


Numerous quests from levels 10-30 start in the Crossroads.

  1. Ride to Orgrimmar
  2. Ride to Thunder Bluff
  3. Wharfmaster Dizzywig
  4. Plainstrider Menace
  5. Sergra Darkthorn series
    1. The Zhevra
    2. Prowlers of the Barrens
    3. Echeyakee
    4. The Angry Scytheclaws
    5. Jorn Skyseer
    6. Ishamuhale
    7. Enraged Thunder Lizards
    8. Cry of the Thunderhawk
    9. Mahren Skyseer
    10. Isha Awak
  6. Disrupt the Attacks
  7. Tonga Runetotem series - pre-req: The Barrens Oases
    1. The Forgotten Pools
    2. The Stagnant Oasis
    3. Altered Beings
  8. Raptor Thieves
  9. Supplies for the Crossroads
  10. Apothecary Helbrim series
    1. Fungal Spores
    2. Apothecary Zamah
  11. Darsok Swiftdagger series
    1. Harpy Raiders
    2. Harpy Lieutenants
    3. Serena Bloodfeather
    4. Letter to Jin'Zil
  12. Report to Kadrak
  13. Consumed by Hatred
  14. Lost in Battle
  15. Egg Hunt
  16. The Swarm Grows
  17. News of Dogran- Warlock Specific Quest
  18. Tonga Runetotem series - Pre-req: The Principal Source
    1. Gathering the Cure - Druid Specific Quest
    2. Curing the Sick - Druid Specific Quest
Quest Chains are denoted by cascading lists


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