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The Burning Crusade
The Draenei are descendent's of the once-proud race of Eredar. Long ago, the Eredar were corrupted by the Burning Legion, and one of the three sects of their society fled to escape this taint. Chased throughout the universe by the Legion, they eventually found their way to the planet of Draenor where they lived peacefully with the Orcs.

When the Burning Legion found the Draenei once more, they corrupted the Orcish tribes, who went into a blood frenzy and attacked the unsuspecting Draenei. While some stayed in Draenor, most fled in the ship known as the Exodar. Discovering recently the peoples of Azeroth, the Draenei attempted to reach Azeroth, only to crash the Exodar into a cluster of islands off the west shores of Kalimdor.

A proud and righteous people and followers of the light-imbued beings known as Naaru, the Draenei strive to uphold the light, with their spiritualism contributing priests, paladins AND shamans to the Alliance.

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Racial Traits

  • Gemcutting: (passive) +5 bonus to Jewelcrafting
  • Gift of the Naaru: (active) Targeted heal-over-time ability
  • Inspiring/Heroic Presence: (passive) +1% chance to hit with spells or attacks for all party members within 30 yards, (depending on class.)
  • Shadow Resistance: (passive) -2% chance to be hit by Shadow spells


  1. ^ All Death Knights start in Ebon Hold and have their own series of starter quests. Wrath of the Lich King expansion is required.

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