A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Evil in Small Doses  

It all started

with an innocent drop of rainwater

and a rickety, ramshackle Mog House

desperately in need of repairs.

Little did anyone suspect

that this was only the beginning

of a harrowing nightmare

unheard of in the annals of mooglekind.

-Square Enix

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A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: The Second Scenario Expansion

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Evil in Small Doses is currently set to go on sale on July 5th, 2009. It will be the second add-on scenario expansion produced for Final Fantasy XI. The expansion will be released globally at the same time as the July version update, the release date of which is yet to be announced.

MKE Storyline

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MKE Missions

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MKE Rewards

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MKE Final Rewards

Completing ACP allows adventurers to choose one of three augmented head pieces. The Champion's Galea is heavy helmet designed for tanks and heavy melee classes; the Anwig Salade is lighter helmet designed for utility melee jobs; and the Selenian Cap is a wizard's hat designed for mage and support jobs.

Anwig SaladeChampion's GaleaSelenian Cap

MKE Reward Augments

Upon completing MKE and choosing a head piece listed above, adventurers must choose two augments to enhance their new gear. The augments are chosen from a long list of options.

Augment Options for MKE Helmets
Haste +3%; Enhances "Snapshot" effect (+3%)Evasion +10; Store TP +4Vitality +2; Haste +2%
Strength +4; Weapon Skill Accuracy +15Magic Accuracy +3, MP recovered while healing +3Agility +2; Haste +2%
Dexterity +4; Increases critical hit damage (+2%)Magic Attack Bonus +3, HP recovered while healing +3Intelligence +2; Enhances "Fast Cast" effect (+2%)
Vitality +4; Shield Skill +5Magic damage taken -2%; Enmity +4Mind +2; Enhances "Fast Cast" effect (+2%)
Agility +4; Increases weapon skill damage (+2%)Magic critical hit rate +10%; Enmity -4Charisma +2; Enhances "Fast Cast" effect (+2%)
Intelligence +4; Magic Accuracy +2Enhances "Fast Cast" effect (+3%); "Blood Pact" ability delay -3Accuracy +3; Pet: Haste +5%
Mind +4; "Cure" potency +3%Strength +2; Haste +2%Accuracy +3; Pet: Critical hit rate +3%
Charisma +4; "Waltz" ability delay -2Dexterity +2; Haste +2%Attack +3; Pet: Adds "Regen" effect
Accuracy +10; Attack +5Ranged Accuracy +10; Ranged Attack +5Attack +3; Pet: Damage taken -10%

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