Altar of Malice Missions (EQ2)  

  • Level 98 is needed to get a Normal mission, a Daily mission or a Weekly mission
  • The 3 mission types exist in solo, advanced solo and heroic versions. They work like independent mission systems.
  • You can only have 1 Weekly mission.
  • You can only have 1 Daily mission.
  • You can only have 1 Normal mission for a given zone.
  • You can have a normal mission and a daily mission for the same zone.
  • It is possible to share missions if the above listed requirements are fulfilled and the mission is available from the quest giver at that time.

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Tranquil Sea

Overland Missions

These are all object triggered, and all have timers:

  • The Great Truffle Hunt - examine a truffle under a tree near the Port View Bridge
  • Spinal Tap - examine an Allu'thoa brazier at -1237, 128, -394
  • Seagull Slaying - examine a discarded hunting bow at 1108,72,757
  • Reel 'Em In - examine the fishing pole at -532,6,562 near the Pygmy Village
  • Karrabukk's Peak - examine a Grappling Hook at -114,6,-499
  • Bug Begone - examine a dead denmatron at 492,85,-782

Instanced Missions

Missions are available from a variety of NPCs in Sapswill's Rest on Isle of Refuge. These reward Far Seas Ferrin.

Phantom Sea

Overland Solo Missions

These are all object triggered, and have timers:

  • Tasty Greens - examine a coaxplant under a palm tree at -1114,124,1044
  • Highpass Holdup - examine a traveler’s pack at 605,200,455 on the path leading to Highhold Castle
  • Stegodon Savior - examine a sick stegodon at -1351,32,1409
  • Hidden Cache - examine a small chest at 1150,11,-1186
  • The Shadow Lurkers - examine a dead Akheva at -1051,95,-710

Instanced Missions

The following NPC's at Wanderer's Dock offer missions:

More Dungeon Missions

An NPC near each dungeon entrance will have more missions for that zone.

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