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This page is designed to be a condensed version of Azuarc's Leveling Guide for Alliance. Is it not meant to replace the guide, only to streamline it for those who want to read less. The more detailed information is linked to in each section.

Note: this is still a work in progress, and may not be completed for a long time. Any industrious soul that finds this is welcome to add in the details as they have the opportunity.

Darkshore (12-15)

Bloodmyst Isle (15-17)

Darkshore, pt. 2 (17-19)

Ashenvale (20-23)

Duskwood (23-26)

Wetlands (26-27)

Ashenvale (27-30)

Duskwood (30-32)

Thousand Needles (32-33)

Stranglethorn Vale (33-36)

Dustwallow Marsh (36-39)

Badlands (39-41)

Stranglethorn Vale (41-44)

Tanaris / Feralas (44-46)

Hinterlands / Feralas / Hinterlands (47-49)

Un'goro Crater (50-53)

Felwood (53-55)

Plaguelands (56-58)

Winterspring (58-59)

Hellfire Peninsula (60-61)

Zangarmarsh / Hellfire Peninsula (61-63)

Zangarmarsh / Terokkar Forest (63-64)

Nagrand (64-66)

Nagrand / Terokkar Forest (66-67)

Blade's Edge Mountains (67-69)

Netherstorm (69-70)

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