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Azuarc's leveling guide for Alliance, Act 16: Winterspring (58-59)

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Disclaimer Regarding Outland

Many people like to cut to Outland right at 58. This is a valid possibility for certain classes. If you are a hunter or a spellcaster, you might be able to get away with this. Melee classes tend to get hosed when they are at a level and gear disadvantage, so there will be one more Old World act in the guide. I personally think you should at least get to 59 before jumping ship. but if you choose to skip this act and move on to Hellfire Peninsula, that's up to you.

That said, the only place to really quest at this point without running instances is Winterspring. By all means, run a few instances if you like to. Scholomance, Stratholme, and the Blackrock instances were all level 60 people had for a while. There is also one other zone that is in the level range, Burning Steppes, which just doesn't have the quest content for a level 58 character that we need -- there are some decent quests if you hit the zone at 54, but we've basically outgrown them all. So there's only one place left to go.

Return to Winterspring

Make sure you have the quest "Find Ranshalla" from Darnassus, as well as the two totems out of the bank (assuming those dropped for you,) and then fly to Everlook. Set your hearthstone, collect town quests, and run out to Donova Snowden in the west end of the zone. (You know where she is by now!) Take the road, and you *should* pass the Winterfall Runners at some point. This trio of teddy bears may prove deadly, but kill at least one of them, and loot it. The item you loot also goes to Donova. Their path goes from Winterfall Village near Everlook all the way up to Timbermaw Hold, so you might find them anywhere along the road. If you absolutely can't find them, go through Timbermaw Hold to Felwood and kill the white furbolg in the village by the zone entrance (where you looted the cauldron earlier for Falling to Corruption.)

Donova gives us two critical quests. One is in the far southern end of the zone. The other is to kill the Chief of the Winterfall. There's also a quest (Enraged Wildkin) you should have from Starfall Village. Grab it on the way back to Everlook if you don't have it already.

Side note: if your First Aid skill is at 300 already, start saving your Runecloth. You'll want it to jump-start your skill once you raise the cap.

Scene 1 - Oh Yeti, Where art Though? (level 58)

Quests completed: Are We There Yeti? 1-2

Southeast of Everlook are the Ice Thistle Hills, which are crawling with yetis. This was once a popular farming spot, so you might have company, but there's also a cave here that's filled with yetis, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding mobs to kill. What you WILL have trouble with is getting the quest items you need for the quest. The yeti fur drops on average about 1 mob in 6, so you will probably end up needing to kill about 60 yetis to actually finish this quest. Yeah, I can understand if that makes you want to skip it.

Another reason is that there is a follow-up to the quest once you run back and complete the first one. Are We There Yeti part 2 also has you killing yetis, but only the higher-level ones. You need two drops (that are about as common as the first quest,) but at least you only need two.

Scene 2 - The Threat of the Winterfall (level 58/59)

Quests completed: Threat of the Winterfall, High Chief Winterfall, Ursius of the Shardtooth

Leave Winterspring to the north and hunt for the polar bear Ursius. He is most frequently found around the smaller hill east of the one on the map. Kill him, and then head southeast to Winterfall Village.

Fight your way inside, looking for the Den Watchers and Totemics you need. (You should already have the pathfinders.) There are more mobs here than it appears. The large hills to the south of the village can be climbed and there are more furbolgs on the slopes at the top. At some point, and you will probably want to check from the very beginning in case there are other people around, you will want to try to kill Chief Winterfall in the cave at the back of the village. He's level 60, but manageable.

Return to Everlook.

Scene 3 - Dixieland (level 58/59)

Quests completed: Brumeran of the Chillwind, Enraged Wildkin 1, 2, and 3, Find Ranshalla, Guardians of the Altar, Strange Sources

Head to the southland. Travel past Mazthoril where all the blue dragons are, and then leave the road to the west (right). Look for Brumeran in the area north of Dun Mandarr and south of the actual dragonkin. He might not be there, but look around for a moment, and kill him if he is.

Go south into Dun Mandarr and find the crate that completes Enraged Wildkin amidst the camp. Go straight out to the road and find the broken wagon where you will complete the second part of the quest. **LOOT THE CRATE ON THE GROUND NEXT TO THE WAGON AFTER THAT.**

Just across the road from you should be Ranshalla. Talk to her and she will start a quest where she VERY slowly meanders through the wildkin caves. Keep her safe, and click on the torches where she stops. Eventually she will reach the altar, and after a brief scene, will tell you to leave. Along the way, you should have gotten the amulet for the final Enraged Wildkin quest. Stick around and kill more owlbears if you haven't.

Go back to where you looked for Brumeran before if you didn't find him. You kinda need to get him dead now. Unfortunately, his path cuts across Mazthoril (where you do NOT want to go) up to Lake Kel'theril. This area is about the only safe place you will be likely to find him. Wait, or shrug and give up. You aren't getting another shot.

Return to the road and travel south, across the bridge, into Darkwhisper Gorge. As soon as you get the quest objective complete message, stop. Nasty guys are ahead and you have what you need. (Likewise, don't bother with the giants under the gorge for Luck Be With You. They're barely killable solo by any class.)

Ride or hearth back to Everlook.

Scene 4 - Shy-Rotam (level 59)

Quest completed: Shy-Rotam

The primary goal of this scene is to complete quests, but we have one final task to work on.

Ride to Donova Snowden to complete the quests you have for her. While you're at it, run into Timbermaw Hold to complete the totem quests, since you ought to be neutral by now. Double-back and ride up to Starfall Village to complete the wildkin quest, and continue up the northern road.

Approach Frostsaber Rock with caution. There are a LOT of cats in the area, and many of them are stealth. Just because you're likely to get dazed and have to deal with them anyway in one big horde, you might want to walk. Plus, you have to kill a bunch of the cats anyway to get the meat you need to summon Shy-Rotam.

When you reach the giant rock that looks like it's out of the Lion King (minus the whole snow thing,) note the flat rock underneath. When you get the meat to drop, clear the area, and place the meat on that "altar" to summon Shy-Rotam. Be warned: partway through the fight, she summons her mate, so you will be fighting two cats at once.

If you are very close to 60, you might consider staying out in Winterspring briefly and grinding. The quests you have to complete at this point will net about 25k experience. You're going some place without trainers soon, and there are a few quests from a guy up on top of the Lion King rock as well if you prefer to quest your way through killing bears and stuff.

Fond Farewells

Fly to Emerald Sanctuary in Felwood to give a questgiver there the Crudely-Written Log. Then go to Darnassus and complete the quests you have to finish there. This should complete --everything-- you have to do in the old world that you are actually going to do. You can probably abandon the rest of your log, however this is the last chance you have to accomplish anything you want to before heading to Outland.

With any luck, you just might be 60 going into Outland, and can train all the new skill upgrades. There are no new actual skills at 60, (unless you count abilities like Tranquilizing Shot as meaningful,) but the upgrades are helpful.

Clean out your bank, your inventory, your quest log, and anything else you can think of, and then swap continents and fly to the Blasted Lands. It's time to leave.

To Outland.

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