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Azuarc's leveling guide for Alliance, Act 18: Zangarmarsh and HFP west (61-63)

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You just finished all the quests on the eastern side of Hellfire, none of the western, and rode straight into Zangarmarsh instead. You've just reached the Cenarion Refuge where there are numerous quests, and are waiting to be told what to do. =p

Grab all the quests you can find, and then take the northern road out of town, using the left fork to Telredor. (Swamprat Post is Horde.) Telredor is on top of a giant mushroom, and you need to use an elevator to reach it. Grab all the quests in Telredor as well, and set your hearthstone there.

Quests you should have for the zone include:

  • The Umbrafen Tribe
  • Plants of Zangarmarsh
  • Leader of the Darkcrest
  • Leader of the Bloodscale
  • A Warm Welcome
  • The Dying Balance
  • Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake
  • The Dead Mire
  • The Boha'mu Ruins
  • Unfinished Business
  • Fulgor Spores
  • Too Many Mouths to Feed
  • Menacing Marshfangs

Scene 1: The Dead Mire (level 61)

Quests completed: The Dead Mire, Fulgor Spores, Unfinished Business, An Unnatural Drought, Withered Basidium (maybe), Withered Flesh (maybe)

Descend to the ground, and work your way east to the Dead Mire. You're going to be possibly making 3 trips in and out of here, and along the way you'll want to grab Fulgor Spores (green glowing mushrooms) and kill Marshfang Rippers along the way.

Once in the Dead Mire, look around for a loose patch of dirt. They are in several places, but just find any one of them. Also, along the southern edge of the area, look for an aggressive spore bat named Sporewing. Kill him if you can. If you can't because he's dead or can't find him, be sure to do so on your next trip out.

Return to Telredor, and come back. Your new mission is to kill Fungal Giants. If by some chance you get an item called "Withered Basidium," stop what you are doing and go back to Telredor. That starts another kill quest for the Bog Lords, and you may as well work on both quests together. If not, and you finish An Unnatural Drought first, just be sure to finish the other assigned quests for this scene before returning to Telredor to complete it.

Bog Lord Tendrils can be used for a reputation quest later. You might not want to sell those.

Scene 2 - Umbrafen Environs (level 61/62)

Quests completed: Too Many Mouths to Feed, Umbrafen Eel Filets, Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake, The Umbrafen Tribe, Escape From Umbrafen, The Dying Balance, As the Crow Flies

This scene operates out of the Cenarion Refuge instead.

Go to Umbrafen Lake, and hunt the hydras around the banks. Then use a dose of the water breathing potion you were given and go swimming after the eels. They're a bit more annoying to kill, but get your eel filets. Gradually work your way to the southwest corner of the lake as you do this so that you can approach the strange machine at the Darkcrest Shore from a distance, and continue on.

Leave the lake and head east to Umbrafen Village. You will need to kill various combinations of broken there, including their leader, Kataru, who lives in the large building at the south end of the village. Kill him, gather the rest of your kill count, and then approach the tauren captive in the center of the village. Escort her back to the refuge.

There is one other task you should consider: killing Boglash. Boglash is a tentacle strider (aka tripod) that lives in the area between the refuge and Umbrafen Village. He is a 61 Elite, and will not be an easy fight to kill by yourself. He is doable, but not very. It would be easier to get a groupmate to help...even Kayra Longmane, if you happen to aggro him from the road while doing the escort!

Scene 3 - Funggor Cavern (level 62)

Quests completed: A Damp Dark Place, Safeguarding the Watchers, Saving the Sporeloks, The Boha'mu Ruins

When you reach level 62, you should probably think about returning to Shattrath to take the portal to some place where you can train. That should probably be during scene 2, and if so, go do that now.

Head south to Funggor Cavern. There are several quests to do inside, all of which are very straightforward. In short order, enter the cavern, which is a giant loop with some stuff in the middle. Follow the loop to the rear to find Ikeyen's Belongings on a small platform. Nearby should be an entrance to the central area where you can then approach Lord Klaq. (He's not hard, the quest shouldn't be marked Group.) Then work your way back up to the entrance, finish your kill count, and leave.

When you leave, follow the zone wall west. There is another location we will make repeated trips to, and now may as well be the time to make the first one. Along the way, stop to kill any of the large insects you encounter for Diaphanous Wings. When you reach the Boha'mu Ruins, a temple in the southern wall over halfway across the zone, fight your way inside until you get the (Complete) message. At that point, you can walk, ride, or hearth back to some place familiar.

Scene 4 - Feralfen Village (level 62)

Quests completed: Blacksting's Bane, Idols of the Feralfen, Orebor Harborage Flight Points: Orebor Harborage (Zangarmarsh)

Part two of the quest-chain-of-many-trips returns to Feralfen Village. We have one other thing we can do in that area, though, so ride west down the road toward the Twin Spire Ruins, and then look south of the road for Blacksting, a blood red firefly. He hangs out between the road and Feralfen Village. Kill him, and then explore the village for 6 idols.

But just so this trip doesn't feel completely useless, take a little field trip to the northwest around Serpent Lake and north to the Orebor Harborage. Turn in the quest to go there, grab the flight point, and head back to Telredor.

Scene 5 - Slow Drain (level 62)

Quests completed: Leader of the Bloodscale, Leader of the Darkcrest, A Warm Welcome, Diaphanous Wings, Gathering the Reagents, Drain Schematics

Look for a partner. You aren't doing this next one alone. While you look for a partner, go poach some spore bats and fen striders. (And fireflies too, if you haven't yet finished Diaphanous Wings.) These must be NORMAL spore bats and fen striders, not the low-level versions in the eastern portion of the zone. Note that there is a change as of Patch 2.4.3 "Young Sporebat and Greater Sporebat in Zangarmarsh now drop Sporebat Eyes for the quest Gathering the Reagents."

Partner in tow, head to the Darkcrest Shore on the southwest bank of Umbrafen Lake. Fight your way to the strange machine and kill the steampump overseers. Use your Ironvine Seeds on the pump, and move on to Darkcrest Enclave across the road. The enclave will have another machine like it, and also a leader, Rajah Haghazed. He's elite and a rough fight, especially in this area, so you'll need your partner's help.

Follow this up with a trip to the east of Serpent Lake for the Bloodscale Grounds. Once more, you will find a leader, Rajis Fyashe, and a steam pump. After killing the overseers, you should have gotten an item called "Drain Schematics" that starts a quest. Swim to the very center of Serpent Lake and dive into Coilfang Reservoir to complete the objective for that quest.

Save the fourth pump for later. Once you're all set, go finish your spore bats and fen striders.

Scene 6 - Return to Hellfire (level 62)

Quests completed: In Search of Sedai, Return to Obadei, Makuru's Vengeance, Atonement, The Pools of Aggonar, The Heart of Darkness

The Drain Schematics quest should give you a reason to return to Hellfire, and with the tougher sections of Zangarmarsh ahead, now seems like a good time to go back for it.

Advertise in HFP for some groupmates for Colossal Menace and Overlord. If you can get them now, skip to scene 9 immediately and come back for the rest afterwards. Otherwise, try again after each scene.

Fly to Telhamat (or walk) and poke your head around just outside the temple to the east. You should find the body of Sedai. Inspect it, return to town, and then head back out. Climb up into the ridges that lead to the Mag'har Grounds and seek revenge. After you've finished, head east to the Pools of Aggonar. (It's *probably* best to return the way you came in and approach from the road.) Kill various stuff in the area until you've defeated a sufficient number of oozes and terrorfiends. Note that you can walk away from the Blistering Rots when they start casting.

Return to Telhamat to complete these quests.

Scene 7 - The Longbeards (level 62/63)

Quests Completed: The Longbeards, Gaining Mirren's Trust, Avruu's Orb, The Arakkoa Threat, The Finest Down, Deadly Predators, The Rock Flayer Matriarch (maybe), Rampaging Ravagers

Hopefully you've still got your Nethergarde Bitter. If not, you'll have to go back to Nethergarde Keep for another one.

Report to Mirren and Gremni Longbeard. Start with the ravager quest by hunting through Dustquill Ravine. When you have finished that, cross back to the Den of Haal'esh.

You have three objectives in the arrakoa area:

  1. Kill a few arrakoa for The Arrakoa Threat.
  2. Kill a lot of kaliris for The Finest Down.
  3. Kill Avruu on the upper ledges of the den. Take his orb and free Aeranas with it.

Complete the first two (and kill Avruu) before dealing with Aeranas. He's going your way. Once you free him from the small house in the back of Haal'eshi Gorge, continue following the ridge and kill the rock flayers in the Great Fissure. If by some chance you have or can get a partner for the Rock Flayer Matriarch, you'll find her in the cave in the middle of the fissure.

Get back to the Longbeards to complete their quests.

Scene 8 - Sha'naar (level 63)

Quests completed: Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!, Sha'naar Relics, Naladu, A Traitor Among Us, The Dreghood Elders, Arzeth's Demise, Demonic Contamination, Testing the Antidote, The Seer's Relic

Go to Thornfang Hill and clean out the ravagers if you haven't already. From there, head south into the Ruins of Sha'naar and collect relics and kill taskmasters along the way. But your focus will be to talk to the elemental masters, who send you to Naladu in the back.

Sneak around Arzeth and into the rear left area where there is a hut where Naladu resides. Speak with him, and then tiptoe into the hut straight behind the steps Arzeth patrols, and return to Naladu. Talk to each of the three elemental masters in their respective areas. On the final return to Naladu, he will provide you with the means to defeat Arzeth. Use the staff on Arzeth, and he will no longer be elite, and an easy kill. Hopefully by the time you complete all this, you're able to finish your other two quests here.

Return to Cenarion Post to complete, and then kill boars so you can bring their blood samples back. Take the resulting mixture to the first boar you find, pour it on, and then kill it to finish the quest.

Scene 9 - There's Only Me in Team (level 63)

Quests completed: Colossal Menace, Crimson Crystal Clue, The Earthbinder, Natural Remedies, Cleansing the Waters, Overlord, Drill the Drillmaster

Welcome to the group portion of Hellfire Peninsula. You may have to do these in a different order based on the needs of your group, but if possible start with Colossal Menace. This involves killing 5 of the giant, er, giants along Sky Fall Ridge. Report back to Cenarion Post, have everyone complete the quest and get the next one done right at the post by killing the lured colossi. Then return back up to Sky Fall Ridge and initiate the fight with Goliathon. Unlike the other mobs that you can kill with two, I recommend having three for this guy. A proper tank/healer set-up is best.

Know what else a group of three with a proper tank/healer is really good for? Overlord! In the back of the Pools of Aggonar is Arazzius the Cruel. He's not an easy fight since he starts off surrounded by helpers, and he spawns infernals partway into the fight that tend to really screw up groups that were doing fine otherwise. Don't assume you're a shoe-in to win if you can get a random level 70 to help.

The other quest you have at the Pools of Aggonar is solo-able. You might do this while waiting on your groupmates to arrive. In the northwest corner of the area are the bones of Aggonar. Use the cleansing vial to summon Aggonis. It should be a fairly easy kill if the area is clear.

You have one other group quest for the zone (besides Rock Flayer Matriarch if you haven't finished that yet,) Drill the Drillmaster. This can be done with two, MAYBE even solo, and is not a major ordeal if you don't complete it. To drill, head to the Path of Glory right in front of Hellfire Citadel, and notice that the front of the fortress has two side areas where the road forks off toward. Take the left fork and you should find Drillmaster Zurok there. It's not a long run to Honor Hold from there, where Drillmaster and Overlord both end.

Back to Zangarmarsh

Hopefully that should clean you out of quests in Hellfire Peninsula, and you can get back to business in Zangar.

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