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Azuarc's leveling guide for Alliance, Act 19: Zangarmarsh (63-64)

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Return to Zangarmarsh

With all our previous goals from Hellfire Peninsula cleaned out, it's time to return to the swamp. We'll be focusing on the western half of the zone now. You should hopefully be level 63 by this point.

Scene 1 - Represettin' (level 63)

Quests completed: Messenger to the Feralfen, Watcher Leesa'oh, Observing the Sporelings, The Sporelings' Plight, A Question of Gluttony, The Count of the Marshes, Sporeggar, Glowcap Mushrooms, Natural Enemies

Return to the Ruins of Boha'mu. Approach the steps, activate your Ahuurn's Elixir, and talk to Elder Kuruti. He's not going to be terribly thrilled with you, but at least it's mission accomplished. Leave the ruins and continue westward.

Go around Quagg Ridge to Cenarion Watchpost and talk to Watcher Leesa'oh. After you've spoken with her, find Fahssn and see what you can do to help rescue the sporelings from the bog lords in the Spawning Glen. Specifically, ride inside and grab 10 of the little pods to take back to Fahssn. You can also hand Fasshn any glowcaps or bog lord tendrils you may have to get your Sporeggar reputation up. (If you don't get invited to enter Sporeggar, you'll want to do some more faction work -- collecting Glowcaps suffices.) Then return to Leesa'oh.

Leesa will send you into Quagg Ridge to the east. The respawn in this area can be a little screwy, so move carefully and watch the patrolling giants. You just need to grab some of the...excrement on the ground and return. While you are here, however, be sure to fight your way out the east end of Quagg Ridge and look around on the outskirts of the area for a nether ray named "Count" Ungula. Take his drop back to Leesa as well.

Travel northwest to Sporeggar. You'll find it between the two western lakes. There are a number of quests from the sporelings, but many of them are for Coilfang Reservoir. Although these quests are important, your next focus will be on Orebor Harborage. You can go straight into scene 2 if you're feeling patient and you've got the harborage quests already.

Scene 2 - The Fen of Daggers (level 63)

Quests completed: Ango'rosh Encroachment, Daggerfen Deviance, Secrets of the Daggerfen, Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki, Familiar Fungi

You're going to need to kill a lot of ogres for this mission.

Head into the Hewn Bog. Work on killing the basic ogres and shamans for Ango'rosh Encroachment, but kill whatever gets in your way in the chance they might drop mushrooms. Gradually, work your way toward Daggerfen Village along the northern edge of the zone, where you will have a chance to take a break from your ogre killing.

In Daggerfen Village, you'll need to do three things:

  1. Kill random guys
  2. Enter the ring of huts where the main building is and look for a poison vial among the tables
  3. Enter the main building to kill Chief Mummaki at the top, and also grab the poison manual on the back corner of the top floor

Overall, the area is not too dangerous if you exercise a little caution. Be wary of the poisons the muckdwellers use on you that stun you after 30 seconds. There aren't many of the stealth assassins, but they're out there, especially in the more populated areas.

When you've finished with Daggerfen Village, head back out into the ogre fields for more mushroom collecting. When you've finally got all your drops, return to Orebor Harborage.

Scene 3 - The Island of Ogres (level 63)

Quests completed: Overlord Gorefist, Stealing Back the Mushrooms, Lines of Communication, The Terror of Marshlight Lake, Balance Must Be Preserved, Stinger Venom

There are new quests available in Orebor from the Kurenai now. These quests are important for having access to Telaar when we hit Nagrand. Two of the three are going to get done on this trip out. Our first priority, however, is returning to Watcher Leesa'oh. Complete Familiar Fungi and get the next quest in the chain. While you are in the area, work on Marshfang Slicers for Lines of Communication, but gradually head toward Sporeggar. Kill any of the Marshlight Bleeders or Fenglow Stingers you see along the way.

When you reach Sporeggar, swim north into Marshlight lake, and head for the southernmost island that appears on the map. You'll find Terrorclaw there. Kill him, and swim east to Bloodscale Enclave. Use your seeds on the fourth and final machine there to finish Balance Must Be Preserved. Swim back out across the lake and follow the western edge of the zone all the way north.

At the corner of the zone, you'll see a fallen mushroom serving as a bridge to a floating island. Cross it, and start killing ogres and collecting boxes. Do not go into the cave. Your other objective is up the path to the right. Once you kill Overlord Gorefist in his house, fight the other ogres to get the boxes of mushrooms Leesa wants.

Once both those objectives are complete, ride back down the western edge to Leesa, and finish Stinger Venom and Lines of Communication along the way. Then return to Orebor Harborage.

Scene 4 - Three Heads Aren't Better Than One (level 63)

Quests completed: Natural Armor, Failed Incursion, Maktu's Revenge

The final quests to wrap things up are in Serpent Lake. Use one of those water breathing potions you got from the expedition, and swim to the lake floor where Coilfang Reservoir is. (Beware of fishies!) You'll find the hydras for Natural Armor all around Coilfang. Once you've finished, swim inside to talk to Watcher Jhang to finish Failed Incursion, and then go back to the Harborage.

After talking to Maktu, he'll want you to kill the nastiest hydra of them all, Mragesh. The easiest way to find Mragesh is to head to the island in the southwest part of Serpent Lake, run out to the end of it, and then look in the water nearby. This should keep you safe from the pirahna packs in the water.

After you turn in Maktu's Revenge, pop back over to Cenarion Expedition to complete the quests you have for there, and get ready to move on to Terokkar Forest. Chances are, you can drop the other quests you have unless you want to do them, since they're all for instances. (Exceptions: What's Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?, The Fate of Tuurem.)

Terokkar Forest

There are a few things to keep in mind about Terokkar Forest. The first is that it's divided into three distinct sections -- the forest, the bone wastes, and Skettis. The forest areas come first. The bone wastes would be second, but you may or may not want to do some of the easier quests in Nagrand first. Skettis is a flight-only area, so we won't be worried about the southeast corner of the zone.

Another important item is that there are a number of quests in Shattrath itself for Terokkar, so when you finished scene 4 in Cenarion Expedition, you should just ride down the road into Shattrath and head into the northern end of Lower City. You'll find The Eyes of Skettis and The Outcast's Plight, plus A Cure for Zahlia if you're allied with the Aldor.

After that, ride out of town and take the eastern road past Cenarion Thicket. Earthbinder Tavgren will give you a couple quests, and then you can complete the trek toward Allerian Stronghold. Tuurem is a hostile area, so find a place to cross the river(s) safely.

All told, your quest log should look something like this:

Set your hearthstone in Allerian.

Scene 5 - The Big Opening Number (level 63/64)

Quests completed: Magical Disturbances, It's Watching You!, Clues in the Thicket, Strange Energy, By Any Means Necessary, Thin the Flock, The Eyes of Skettis, Olemba Seeds, Timber Worg Tails

There are three quests that are "in passing." Each of them can be done in Raastok Glade, just outside Allerian Stronghold. Stalk the area until you get your Warp Stalker kills, while trying to also get worg tails and olemba seeds. We can finish those other two later, though.

Travel northwest into the area south of Cenarion Thicket and hunt some more. This time, instead of Warp Stalkers, we're chasing Teromoths. (Unfortunately the Royal Teromoths in Raastok do not count for Strange Energy.) When you finally have your normal Teromoth Samples, head into Cenarion Thicket and get the vicious samples.

While you're in the Thicket, fight into the center of the inn and check out the strange object on the ground, and talk to Warden Treelos. Climb the tower nearby, and kill Naphthal'ar at the top for him. Complete his quest, and then Tavgren's out at the road. At some point in the near future, you will need to accost and fight Empoor along the road when you see him.

Circle around the thicket to the north, into Veil Reskk. There are three quests to partially do here. The first is a kill quest that doesn't need to get finished yet. The other two are up the rope ramp leading into the trees in the center of the village. On the first platform, you will fight Ashkaz, along with maybe one or two guards. On the second platform, you will find the Eye of Veil Reskk. Also, keep any arakkoa feathers you obtain.

Ride back out to the road and travel east. Where the road goes up into the mountains, stay down below and follow the wall into Veil Shienor. In the second building along the wall, you will find Ayit. Kill him. Then circle around the large tree just to the south and look for an opening that leads to the top of the tree. On the connected platform, you will find the Eye of Veil Shienor.

Go back to the road to find Empoor if you haven't already, and then return to Allerian. Finish your olemba seeds and worg tails before the end of the next scene.

Scene 6 - Veil Skith (level 64)

Quests completed: Wind Trader Lathrai, Seek Out Kirrik, Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk, Missing Friends, A Personal Favor, Stymying the Arakkoa, The Outcast's Plight (eventually)

Return to Rilak in Shattrath to complete his quest, and also speak with Wind Trader Lathrai. Then ride out of town and take the southern road into the Bone Wastes. We have no business in the Bone Wastes themselves, but the other quest hub, the Refugee Caravan, has a task that goes along with our other Veil Skith quests. Two, actually. Talk to Kirrik the Awakened, and then talk to little Ethan afterwards.

From there, ride north and a hair west into Veil Skith. Kill stuff. Collect keys. Open cages. Purify Darkstones. Slay Urdak.

Return to the Caravan, then to Shattrath, and finally Allerian to turn things in.

Scene 7 - Tuuren (level 64)

Quests completed: Investigate Tuurem, What Are These Things?, Vessels of Power

Ride up the road into Tuurem. There are a bunch of Draenei Vessels all over, and you need to pick eight up. Sounds simple until you find out that about two-thirds of them explode instead. The trick is to just clear an area and wait for them to respawn since they come back faster than the mobs. Make a circuit of 4 or 5 boxes until you finish, and then go to the northeast corner of Tuurem and enter the house with the Firewing Courier. Grab the box next to him and take it to Warden Tavgren.

Return to Allerian.

Scene 8 - Chewing Bones (level 64)

Quests completed: Unruly Neighbors, Report to the Allerian Post, Thinning the Ranks, The Firewing Liaison, Fel Orc Plans, The Elusive Ironjaw, Attack on Firewing Point, The Final Code (maybe), Escape From Firewing Point! (maybe), Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know (maybe), A Cure for Zahlia (maybe)

Across the eastern river from Allerian Stronghold is the Bonechewer Ruins. And all their little peons are hard at work outside slaving away on arduous tasks. Put 12 of them out of their misery, and then head northeast to Allerian Post along the southern banks of the river.

Return to the ruins, and fight your way inside this time. Kill the liaison inside the fortress and grab the Fel Orc Plans on the ground. Bump off a bunch of other orcs as well, and then head back to Theoloria Shadecloak. If you can get a friend to help you with the rest of this act, it would really help.

Cross the river north, go around Firewing Point, and hunt around for a dark-colored worg named Ironjaw. Kill him, and also look for the red basilisk Stonegazer if you are both in a group and went Aldor. Fight around Firewing Point. Be very careful around the Mana Burn Elves unless you're a rogue or warrior – they drained about 1200 mana with every fight, which is just hideous for low mana classes like hunters, but there is absolutely nothing at all you can do about it. (Well, unless you can fear lock them the entire fight, but that could be dangerous.) Return to Allerian Post to get the new quest, The Final Code. If you are alone, skip that quest and the following paragraph, as the quest can get messy and isn't worth the time.

The large building with the spire has a cage inside it, with a Night Elf inside. Ignore it and go up the ramp to the translocater. Kill a couple mobs and then Sharth Voldoun. Sharth ought to be marked elite, because he takes a ton of damage, hits moderately hard, is immune to crowd control effects, and heals himself repeatedly at low health. Not an easy fight for some classes. Anyway, take the transporter back down, go to the center of the area, and detonate the mana bomb. After you do that, go back into the spire and talk to the druid in the cage, and escort her out. (Many of the elves in your way will be dead after detonating the bomb, which is why we do this after.)

Scene 9 - The Bone Wastes Quickies (level 64)

We aren't going to do much of the Bone Wastes right now. Early Nagrand is mostly easier. But there are a few quickies we're going to pick off. Go the Refugee Caravan and pick up any quests from there you haven't.

Scene 9a - The Shadow Stair

Quests completed: Before Darkness Falls, Cabal Orders

To the south of the caravan are two openings in the big outside wall of Auchindoun. Around these openings, and through them, are members of the Auchenai cabal. Fight your way inside, past the skirmishers. On the interior, you should find spell-weavers and initiates for Before Darkness Falls. At some point, a mob will drop Cabal Orders for the other quest.

Scene 9b - The Tomb of Lights

Quests completed: The Tomb of Lights, The Infested Protectors, Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!

Go east through Carrion Hill to the Tomb of Lights, killing bonelashers. Kill the ethereal on the surface to finish that quest, and then hunt in the areas to the northeast for treants and ancients. With each one you kill, termites should spawn that you can kill for The Infested Protectors. Before you return, stop off at Allerian to complete Wanted! Bonelashers. On the way back to the caravan, continue through Carrion Hill for Trachela.

Scene 9c - The Shadow Tomb/Veil Rhaze

Quests completed: The Shadow Tomb, Escaping the Tomb, Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil, Torgos!

Travel west to the Shadow Tomb. Fight your way inside carefully, and note that the tomb itself is in three wings, each with an item for The Shadow Tomb. Do the two side wings first. Then work your way into the center, ignore the questgiver there, and clear the rest of the room to get the last item in the back. Continue to ignore Akuno, and fight your way back outside. When you reach the surface, return to Akuno and start his escort quest. If you do not do it this way, you will get caught by backspawn. This method makes the quest soloable. You'll still get hit with two ambushes.

Travel southwest to Veil Rhaze, and clear the area for the quest. If you can get help from other players, kill all the mobs around Torgos' Bane, and drop Trachela's carcass on the ground. Be ready for a very difficult fight. (Well, difficult for two level 64's. Depending on your support, it might be easy.)

Return to the caravan and Allerian. Drop all your remaining quests for Terokkar for the time being, and head into Nagrand by the northeast entrance in Zangarmarsh to kick off act 20.

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